How to Make Money: Blogging

“Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it” –Benjamin Franklin

Way back in 2010 when I deep within my Couture obsession stage and FIRE was something if you touched, you got burned, I started up a blog to share my passion. I was very young and when I started to make money from it by accident (people would ask me to write about their site and/or put an advert up, then pay me) so I didn’t really appreciate the money. I saw it simply as “excess” money and so it should be spent. You name it, I bought it:

Eighth Post

I could go on but trust me, I REALLY don’t want to! Imagine if i would have invested all that money (sob!) Now i’m in a completely different situation then when I was then and i’m hoping to get the old blog fired up (pun intended) problem is, I took all that extra income for granted with no idea of how I got it or how to replicate it now. So i’m starting from scratch and hoping to build my fashion blog from the ground up. It still has the followers and gets the odd page view so I guess i’m not really starting from ground zero.

I’ll be researching the proverbial out of it the next coming weeks as the blogging world has changed alot!

If anyone has any helpful hints about making money from blogging, i’d love for you to share!

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