On a budget: The cheapest way to Move House

“Home is where the heart is… Even if you cant remember what box it is it” – #Happymovetips

I did it! I’ve finally moved house. It feels alittle strange being totally out of my comfort zone and in a new area. I think it will be hardest when dropping the little one off at school and then returning to an empty house.

How did I move house on next to zero money? That is exactly what this post is about. When thinking about moving house, my brain conjures up visions on TV programs with slapstick humor and a massive removal van complete with an army of eager to lift men. The main character simply standing in the perfectly renovated new house, calm and collected pointing to where the furniture should live in its new home. My experience was totally different. For one, all I hired was a van. I sweet talked Mr Fire into driving it and he brought along one of his best friends to help with the heavy lifting.

Geography wise, whilst I’m leaving my rented accommodation and moving out the area, my stuff was actually scattered all around! When I fled I was only presented with a handful of safe opportunities to return to where I lived  and tried to move as much of my things out as possible on each trip. That meant we needed the van for the whole day.

Here are my expenses from the big day:


  1. Van Hire.
    The cost of hiring an actual removal companies van was substantial with me leaving the area and moving to a 3 bedroom house. I went a different route and I chose a Sunday to move since there would be less traffic than a weekday and just filled a form in online to book a normal van. Flat fee for the whole day.
  2. Movers
    Only cost here was Mr Fire and his friends time. They were rewarded with some home cooked food and a few beers afterwards as a thank you (probably cost me about £5!)
  3. Packing Boxes
    I really resented the idea of having to buy boxes to put my stuff in and then be left with lots of them at the end. I asked around at supermarkets for free boxes and used old reusable plastic bags that friends/family had with the promise of returning them at the end.
  4. Packers
    I actually don’t like the idea of packers coming into my home and packing my things so I was happy to pack it myself. Not working definitely helped this as it took a few hours each week night before the move.
  5. Change of Address cards
    A nice novel idea,but in the age whatsap, text messages and emails. There is no real need for these. Plus I really wanted to control who had my new address.
  6. Time off work
    Lucky for me, this wasn’t an issue! It was for Mr Fire which is another reason to choose a weekend over a weekday

So  there we have it. I’m all moved in and ready to begin the next chapter of my life and actually you know, make some money!

2 thoughts on “On a budget: The cheapest way to Move House

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