Investing in me: Epic fail all round

“For I don’t care too much for money, for money can’t buy me love.”— The Beatles

I’m ashamed to admit that I have slipped since announcing to the world  that I was planning to invest in myself as well as a the Financial side of investing (Its here if you missed it)

The joy/burden of moving took a toll on me and I had to watch I didn’t fall back down into the darkness that is depression. I took a break over Christmas (naturally) and whilst I’m not so sure I nurtured my mental health to the best of my abilities I almost definitely nurtured my greedy appetite and I find myself typing here even wider than ever. I’d like to pretend I did it all in the name of research so I can then turn my flabby excess excuse into a buff ripped machine, unveiling the steps that everyone can take to achieve a body worthy of the gods. But the truth is, I LOVE to eat and I’m greedy!

I was always one of those girls. You know the ones with the skinny body whilst wolfing down a big Mac Meal. I used to have people coming up to me in the street to ask if I was a model as I was so thin and slender.  Do you know what? I hated it! I could never put weight on. On my 21st birthday I weighted 6 stone and I ate like a horse. I wasnt even gaining weight through pregnancy and on the day of my daughters birth I weighed 9 stone 7lb. Yep at 9 months pregnant thats all I weighed. But then it happened. I couldn’t put any weight on at all during the first two weeks of my daughters birth and whilst she (very normally) doubled her weight, mine halved. I under went every test there was until they found it. I have colitis.

Of course its a good thing they found what was wrong with me and they fixed it with medication which I have to take unfortunately for life (notice my constant medication tab in my I&E reports?) The only downside to being healthy is putting on weight. I am now a normal 30 something year old so if I look too long at the cheesecake then I put on weight.

But enough of the wallowing, lets get something done about it. A funny thing happened over Christmas. Mr Fire and I remembered that we joined a health spa a few months back and now that we have moved we are very close to it! We did join with a lot of discounts but its worth a quick check of how cheap we actually got it.


Hmmm so it wasnt really that expensive as long as we use it I guess…… Anyway, there is no excuse for me to not get fit now so over the next month I will  be building up my fitness again and hopefully I’ll see some change on the scales (actually need to buy some first…)

Remember my FIRE triangle?


After looking again at my expenses I think I need to spend alot more effort reducing my expenses opposed to striving forward trying to make money. So Food is a horrific area of spend for me so that’s the one thats getting the attention first.

Any ideas on how to save on a food bill?


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