January 2018 Income and expenses report

Yuck, really? another one of these and on the first of the month too?

So remember my promise to keep an eye on all finances following last months report? yep well that didn’t happen! In fact things got worse. My daughter needed a new bed and myself and Mr Fire found ourselves talked into buying a bunk bed which wasn’t cheap! On top of that I had to buy a new car since I cant drive Mr Fire”s (too big a car for my tiny self) so we bought a used one and then got royally ripped off on my insurance! (ok so we weren’t ripped off as that’s how much it costs, but its still alot!)

I really do need a foot up the backside on the expenses side of it though, as doesnt matter how much income we (ok Mr Fire) brings in, if we are spending it all then we will never reach fire. We have actually been obsessing talking about whether we think we can reach Fire in 5 years or not. What was the result? keep moving forward and have regular reviews.

So enough stalling, here it is:



I’ve edited my income sources from blogs and changed it to affiliates and sponsorship. I’m aiming for the fashion blog to get at least one sponsor in the next 5 years.

As you can see, we are heading the wrong way financially! So we have had to “gulp” borrow money. Its not all doom and gloom as (insert positive phrase here as I don’t have one!)

Least I have things to keep me busy!



6 thoughts on “January 2018 Income and expenses report

  1. Eek! What a stinker of a month. These things happen though. Thanks for being so honest. I’m sure you’ll soon be heading in the right direction – here’s to a more positive February!


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