Selling my soul to Acca’s

“It’s how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success”–David Feherty

I’m trying to get better at my post titles? is it working? someone on twitter mentioned to me that my post titles seem a little bland so expect some weird and wonderful experimental titles until I come to my senses and go back to using the same old boring ones like I do now.

So anyway, back to the Acca post I originally was talking about. Sooooo this Matched Betting thing sounds really good. You go onto the site and search for whats going to bring in some money. After some light research on my part and a whole lot of mental heavy lifting on Mr Fire’s part we decided to try a few Acca’s out. His “few” was one a day for three days, my “few” was three Acca’s a day for three weeks. With me so far?

I started off very organised: I found my Acca (on Oddsmonkey obviously! easier way to find an Acca so I didnt need to do any leg work) , saved and named my Acca and then dutifully added each match to my calendar. See? magically organised.


I laid my bets as needed and even recorded down on my calendar which ones where needed. Perfect right?

Take a look at the profits projected:

Acca Post

Not bad is it really for only a little work. Then the weekend happened, not just any weekend but Mr Fire’s birthday weekend. Guess what we did? kept up to date with our Acca’s. Depressing isnt it? but no, we carried on as the elusive £3 an Acca dream was real.

It all seemed worth it until this happened:

Acca 2Acca 3Acca1

Plus I ran out of money to lay the bets. Have I messed up my research? Do Acca’s actually contain this much of a risk? What did I do? I sat and watched the match.

By the way, if your thinking of joining Oddsmonkey please use my affiliate link, its free for you and costs you nothing but it brings in a little bit of extra income for me which I really need.

With my fingers crossed I checked to see if by magic my loses where minimized and my profit was high…

But no, there is a reason why people lose alot of money when they gamble and thats exactly what happened to me….


So the lesson in all? Don’t rush in feet first without running a taste Acca first. If I would have been able to lay my bets then I would have been fine.

Have you made any mistakes Matched Betting? Don’t think I will be trying Acca’s for a while.




9 thoughts on “Selling my soul to Acca’s

  1. Sorry to hear about your matched betting losses, but I did recommend that you didn’t do accas just yet….
    Those are quite high valued accas you’re starting out with at £25 so I’m not surprised you ran out of money to lay the bets. When I was doing lock-in profits, I kept at least £1.5k, usually £2k in my exchanges as the lays can get very high.
    I make matched betting mistakes all the time but fortunately, they’ve only been small ones or ones where I spot them in time so I can put in some contingency plan to reduce the loss.
    Good luck with the rest of your matched betting!


  2. Jesus!

    You are better off doing no lay accas in this instance! The most you are going to lose is your original stake of £20 or £25 on any one bet, and you don’t have to remember to do any complex sequence of lays to make it work.
    There are 3 outcomes:
    You win acca: PROFIT. All good
    One of the selections loses: You get a free bet, which you put on and lay back to only lose ~15-20% of your original stake
    More than one selection loses: you lose whole stake.

    Over time, you will find that scenario 2 happens quite a lot, if you stick to low odds selections and overall acca with a positive expected value, and so that is where the profit lies. As normally you would be getting -25 or -20 losses on those but you are only losing 4-5 quid.

    Anyway, as weenie says, maybe get a bit more of a foundation with matched betting before going in again

    Good luck as always 🙂


    1. Hi FS!

      Thanks for your comment and the support. Yes I messed up! ha ha Acca’s are not my friend. I looked at no lay Acca’s originally but didn’t want to lose the £20 which is ironic considering how much I actually lost! 😦 I’m definately going to take a break from Acca’s for a while. Thanks for the advice x


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