Is the FIRE dream dead?

“Need a friend text me, need a laugh call me, need money? this number is no longer in service”

Things are looking bleak in the Little Miss household this week so all my FIRE research has come to an abrupt halt. As you may have read in my expenses we have gone into debt, plus looking at the expenses for the current month (I know Feb has only just started but more on that below) things aren’t going to get much better.

We work on a credit card month which runs mid month to mid month so we are already on week 2 of our “month” and it doesn’t look good. Mr Fire has had a tooth out and needed new motorbike tyres. I’ve also lost a heap of money (blog post to follow) due to the fear of losing our dream of FIRE.

Normally after pay day, we transfer a set amount over to our savings to cover the credit card for the coming month. Then we leave the money for bills in the account ready for direct debits, lastly transferring the remainder to savings.

Then the house move happened, and the bunk bed happened, and the furniture. Oh and the new car and car insurance. We seem to be in a whirlwind of spending. For the first time ever, we are going to have to use the next months budgeted credit card money to pay off last month.

Myself and Mr Fire where always very excited about moving house and not just for the usual reasons. This was our step one to fire.


Above is our very early plan. Mr Fire found the idea of Fire out along time before me and so constructed a rough plan to show to me (his plan was verbal and I’m a picture sort of girl!) Now it seems like we are in a weird holding pattern of everything falling apart and needing replacing.

A positive from all of this is it is motivation to try even harder at side hustles and making the money we do have go even further.

Have you had many set backs with FI?

10 thoughts on “Is the FIRE dream dead?

  1. Yes, we all have set backs and challenges along the way – I’m sure others will join in and confirm. I’ve had periods of reduced income, high expenses and serious work stress, eventually you get through them, and out the other side.

    I think it’s important to have a realistic plan (with numbers) for *you*, and not compare yourself with everyone else.While an aspirational plan can work for some, others find them really demoralising.

    Are you happy with your current income and expenses? Do you have plans to improve them?


    1. Hi Ms Zi You,

      Thanks for your comment and support. I’m looking forward to coming out the other side. I’m not happy at all with either income or expenses I’m afraid. With me not bringing in anything I’m feeling a bit useless of late. I think we really need to bring our food expenses down ALOT!


      1. It’ll take time but I’ve every confidence you’ll get there.

        Trimming expenses is a case of trial and error, food can be a quick win if you don’t have any fussy eaters!


  2. A lot of events have happened to you in a relatively short space of time which would have been a challenge to the best laid plans of many. Ending your job, moving house, buying a car – even one of those events on their own is bad enough but you experienced them all, pretty much one after the other!

    Plans need to be flexible for the unexpected because the unexpected will happen – when I started my FIRE journey in 2014, I had no idea that I would be made redundant two years later – I thought I was in a job for life, having already spent most of my adult life working there. But it ended and I’ve moved on and tweaked my plan accordingly.

    Your FIRE dream should not be dead by any means. However, as an observation (not advice!), perhaps priority should be considered regarding building up an emergency fund (it doesn’t sound like you have one, though I could be mistaken?). Such a fund could have helped out with large unexpected costs such as dental costs, tyre replacements and car insurance and not messed up your monthly budget. The emergency fund should be separate from your savings, intended to cover unexpected and emergency costs only.

    Having one should give you some peace of mind and could possibly lessen any anxieties or fears you may have that you are not getting anywhere with your FIRE plan, especially as having an emergency fund is part of the plan!


    1. Hi Weenie,

      Thanks for your constant support and advice.I think your right. My plans always seem to fall apart but that’s the only they have being so static. If my plans are flexible and have the ability to change then I will always be disappointed. I don’t know why I had never seen it like that before so thanks for the insight! Yes definitely need an emergency fund! Can my emergency fund be kept in Matched Betting accounts or is that too tricky as its not really accessible that quickly?


  3. I would suggest that it’s probably better to keep the emergency fund separate from matched betting accounts as it’ll be easier to keep track of things. Plus emergency funds should be quickly and instantly accessible, ie in an instant savings account or current account (separate from your usual current account or the savings account you use for your monthly budgeting). Speaking of matched betting, one idea might be to use such profits to start and build up your emergency fund.


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