Make money on Ebay: Vintage toy guide

“Never spend your money before you have earned it.” —Thomas Jefferson

I’ve been rather tardy on the ebay selling front I’m afraid. We have alot going on in the Fire household so instead of facing the mountain of things I have put aside to sell on ebay, instead I’ve been dreaming I find all my old toys and make a fortune from them. Alas it seems I dont have any that are worth money but you might! here’s my vintage toy guide for Ebay!


  1. Polly Pocket
    Originally a very small tiny toy doll that was so easy to lose, you had to tell your friends not to sneeze around it. Mattel bought it in 1998 and immediately made it slightly bigger. The result? Well hopefully a doll with better finding power but it also made the price of the littler ones skyrocket!


2. Pokemon
From the Nintendo game-boy to the cards, the rare ones back then are even rarer now! Which of course means more lucrative. I’ve never understood Pokemon myself but beginning to wish I had now!


3. Furby
Remember these disturbing little fellows? I actually dont but now they fetch a small fortune on Ebay!


4. Magic: The gathering cards
This freaky thing came out in 1993 and the money is in the early ones or the whole set!


5. Happy meal toys from McDonalds
Serously? Why was I never allowed to go to Mc DOnalds as a child then mum? *checking the ingredients* oh yes,,,, nevermind…. Not just any old toy will bag you a million (none will infact) but a whole set ranging through several years will buy you a few Happy meals.

Happy Meal

So there is my guide on what vintage toys to sell.



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