The perfect workout routine

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” –Winston Churchill

After my rather depressing post last week I’ve deiced to get back to building a life for myself and investing back into me. I mean, whats the point of FIRE if I am am nothing and nobody at the end?

I thought I’d start by tackling one of the items on my Hierarchy of Needs: Fitness. Since I’ve been really missing my research into FIRE, I devoured all I could about mental health and fitness. I may even do a post on it soon (what kind of FIRE blogger am I?)

So it seems exercise has evolved alot since my gym knicker wearing days of PE in school. There are actual days when to do it, how often and for how long. I’m probably very late to the party on this one. In my youth (you know, pre baby) I just used to do cardio and that was simply as I loved moving my body. Now I am getting older (ahem) I really want to incorporate everything your supposed to be doing plus I have the time to do it now.

I’ve complied results from google, women’s institute of health, NHS, British Heart foundation and self magazine to create the perfect workout routine for me, which looks like this:





I still have some Christmas weight to lose remember? so I’ll be starting with Cardio

I haven’t exercised in an age so I’m going to start off with cardio. Luckily for me and our poor expenses, I have a huge amount of workout DVD’s. As always I’ll keep you updated.

What does your workout routine look like?


11 thoughts on “The perfect workout routine

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comment and the support. I must be honest, I am not a fan of strength training. I’m more a cardio girl at heart so its hard to even know where to begin strength training wise. Do you enjoy yours? what type of Strength training do you do? wow I doubt I’ll ever be fit enough to run! Go you!

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      1. I’m lifting weights once, maybe twice a week. I’d love to lift my own body weight but that’s going to take a long time as I love my food more! I started learning goblet squats and deadlift’s which are known as compound movements. Can’t say that I’ll ever enjoy exercise (you never know) but I do like having some muscle. I even get compliments now although I’m at my heaviest weight!
        I figured I should try running just to try and keep up with the kids! I only go if there’s someone to run with (and chat to)


  1. Mine looks like a walk once a week before work, and a 7 minute workout from an app once a week. Not a huge fan of exercise, so I’m starting with the idea that something is better than nothing!

    Also, it’s your blog, so as a FIRE blogger you get to decide what to post about. I stray from the purely financial, because at its heart, FIRE is about life. A post about mental health and fitness would be great.


    1. Hi Mrs ETT,

      Thanks for your comment and support. The app sounds like a good idea. I used to love fitness in my youth but my old body doesn’t seem to like it so much anymore! I’ll get onto that post next I think 🙂


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