Investing in me: If cardio was cash

“An investment in self-development pays the highest dividends.”
― Debasish Mridha

To finish my blog title, if cardio was cash then I would be making a pretty decent amount  of money as since my last post  I have been working my little but off hitting the cardio four times a week and I am actually beginning to see results. There is something to be said about exercising and mental health. I do feel more upbeat than usual plus it gives me something else to talk about other than money to Mr Fire!

I thought I’d put down on my blog what I have learned about fitness since I’m currently having a big clear out of paper and my blog seems to be the most logical place. It also may be slightly interesting?


Why cardio?

Basically this is anything that raises your heart rate. Everyone always says bodies were made to move and after one month of cardio four times a week I really do believe it. Do I look forward to working out? erm well not quite, however strangely enough I do miss it on my off days. Our heart is a muscle and Cardio is the nest way to work it.

Types of cardio are:

Walking – This is the easiest and safest way to start getting in your cardio.

Elliptical – Minimal impact on the knees and hips but calorie burning is still high.  When you increase the incline you will activate more muscles.

Running –  This one is easy to understand.  Just remember if you train like a distance runner you will look like a distance runner.  If you train like a sprinter you will develop a sprinters body.  Steading running burns calories but sprints take it to the next level.

High Intensity Interval Training – Short intervals at maximum intensity followed by short periods of rest.   Best all around workout that burns fat and calories.  The DVD that I do is HIIT training and whilst its only 45 mins, Its still killer and seems to be working

Bike Riding  – Cycling uses large muscle groups in the legs and helps elevate your heart rate.  Plus its cheap and is a mode of transport! Bonus

Stair Climber – Uses more muscles than walking. You can always use stairs at work or at home if you dont want to fork out for the gym.

Skipping –  Cheap, easy and burns tons of calories.

Swimming – This is a total body workout as long as you are not just floating – even treading water burns calories. Swimming laps would be best and change up the strokes you use so that you work all different kinds of muscles and the continuous pace works your heart and lungs.

Rowing  – Works both the upper and lower body and is low stress on joints and ligaments.

Whatever you choose they recommend to do 45 – 60 mins.

Since I’ve spent the whole of Feb getting my cardio on, its now time to drop it down to three times a week and add in strength training two times a week. I’m not currently doing active rest as I’m sooo tired from the school run but I’m going to add that in too.

6 thoughts on “Investing in me: If cardio was cash

  1. Nelsonpk

    Good effort! You should consider working some resistance/strength work into your workouts too. And you don’t need loads of weights, it’s surprising how much you can do with your Bodyweight and a little ingenuity!


      1. Steven Nelson

        HI LMF,

        Wow where do i start… I would definitely start with bodyweight exercises (tbh if you use good form some of the moves can be really difficult even if you are ‘strong’. So think squats, plank, side planks, press-ups, lunges, pull-ups to name but a few.

        Worth pointing out that something like a press-up has a progression from really easy eg. doing it against a door, slightly harder by doing normal press-ups but on your knees instead of toes, then regular press-ups then for harder versions where you can either raise your feet higher (maybe on a chair) or move your hands closer together/further apart. There is a decent book on the various progressions called ‘Convict conditioning’ although if you don;t want to pay for it you can find ‘cheat-sheets’ on the web detailing the various progressions (note: the top levels of the progressions are just them showing off an imo are unattainable to most normal people but don’t let that put you off. In a similar vein the ‘4 hour body’ by Tim Ferris has some good stuff in it (if you haven;t come across Tim before also check out ‘the 4 hour work week’ it has lots of stuff that could be useful for your journey to FIRE.

        If you have a smartphone i’d recommend the Nike training app or 7m workout (from Johnston and Johnson) or Sworkit pro – they are HIIT style workouts so don’t take up much time and are all free!

        Also if you haven’t come across it before you might want to check out ‘Mark’s daily apple’ website. he is a big enthusiast of the ‘paleo’ community but allot of his stuff around diet and fitness makes lots of sense (to me anyway!).

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      2. Hi Steven,

        Wow thank you so much for your wonderful advice and information. I do have a smartphone so I will be checking out the apps you mentioned. It sounds really obvious when you talk about strength training! I might have to take you to the gym with me! I will be definitely trying out those moves and I hadn’t really thought about the progression aspect. Thanks Again!


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