Why I’d rather stand in traffic (than monitor mine)

I must admit, Its hard not to compare my blog to others. Mr Fire has the mentality of “if everyone else can do, then why cant I” I started this blog to keep track of my very scattered, disorganized brain. Its no secret that I don’t know much about finance at the moment, so my blog is my little safe place where I can learn and grow.

Where am I going with this? Ok I’ll start at the beginning. I receive a surprising amount of emails from others in the FI community, some with blogs and some without. I love reading them as I’m an extreme introvert (for now) and its a good way for me to socializing without ever having to leave the couch. Over the past few weeks I joined Rockstar Finance as I visit the site often and really admire what they are doing over there. This has lead to a few emails from other FI peeps asking me about my numbers and not the usual ones.

traffic 1

I like to think I’m very open about my finance figures, but these where not questions about that. It was about my ttraffic numbers to the blog. How many views I get a day, week and what my google ranking is.

Is it strange that I don’t care? I have already surpassed my wildest expectations with this blog in the following ways:

  1. I actually write and post blog posts (always a win/win)
  2. People read it – hell if only one person that wasn’t my mum read it i’d be happy (my mum doesn’t read it by the way as she doesn’t know I blog or what FI is and even if she did, she still probably wouldn’t read it)
  3. Two of my blogging “hero’s have commented! Can you work out who I mean? One and Two…..
  4. I actually have 100 followers! I got an email and everything!
  5. Once on twitter, someone liked one of my tweets”

Seriously, that’s further than I ever thought I’d get.

So why do traffic related numbers matter? Well according to Squishy Popple (adore the name!) the page view ones are the most important as it lets me know which content people like the most. I felt myself feel a pull to check it then, but I wont cave.  Why? As I write my blog for me, not for the numbers.

I used to obsess about the numbers on my fashion blog. I would endlessly write comments on hundreds of blogs a night and aim to get comments on every post. Exhausting and quite frankly boring! Now I still read an endless supply of blogs (post your blog link in the comments so I can keep my reading lit overflowing) but this time I read them as I’m interested in what people have to say. I love the FI community as I’m still learning and everything seems so shiny, new and exciting!

So why do I blog?

Is it weird that I think its good for my mental health? I feel a sort of therapy and I always think it helps me find my voice. I have spent most of my life being controlled in one form or another but no one controls my blog only me. I have only recently started “allowing” Mr Fire to read it. I wouldn’t say I am completely comfortable with him reading it yet but Its a learning curve for me. I rarely share the inner workings of my mind and I’m a complicated creature having lived many lives.

So expect more non financial rambling posts from me and hopefully some finance type posts too!


10 thoughts on “Why I’d rather stand in traffic (than monitor mine)

  1. I’m with you, I’m not bothered about the blog numbers and traffic. Fair play to bloggers who really work hard at getting a high ranking and have loads of followers but I don’t want to make that kind of effort, nor am I looking to earn a significant amount from my blog.

    When I first started my blog and it was on Blogger, I did check my numbers in the early days as I wanted people to read what I was writing. I would stress a bit if no one posted any comments until I realised that my blog is for me to document my journey and that if there are any readers, then that’s just a bonus! Blogging is a great way to get things off your chest (much like keeping a personal diary when I was younger) and if it helps with mental health, then as you say, ‘win-win’!

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    1. Hi Weenie,
      Thanks for your comment. I think blogger is really bad for checking numbers! My fashion blog was on blogger and I felt like I needed to know my numbers all the time towards the end of my blogger life! I’m just happy to have a place to call my own on the interest and if people read (and/or comment) than that’s a very happy byproduct!


  2. tuppennysfireplace

    No I don’t think it’s weird! What it shows is that you understand you, what makes you tick and how you can proactively help your mental health. That is such a positive thing that you should be shouting it from the rooftops to encourage others to identify they own support mechanisms.

    Keep writing for you and your page numbers will likely increase anyway whether you cave in and check or not!

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  3. Great post and totally how I felt at the beginning of my blog. It’s hard if you try and compare yourself to the popular blogs out there. I’ve seen so many blogs come and go very quickly as the writer quickly realised they wern’t going to suddenly get thousands of page views a day and so gave up.

    Keep writing about what interests you, keep commenting on other people’s posts with your personal thoughts on things and the viewers will naturally come and take an interest in your story.

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    1. Hi Matched Betting Guy,
      Thanks for your comment and words of wisdom 🙂 I do find it hard to understand those bloggers who are just solely in it for the money. I love blogger as it not only acts as a personal (well sort of personal) diary but also is a way to connect to other like minded people.


  4. Well if you’re weird then I’m also weird and so are most people who blog… so no, you’re not 🙂
    It helps to organise your thoughts, track your progress and watch yourself grow, so positive all round.

    (I don’t share what I write with anyone that knows me either, totally get that. Well done for even letting Mr FIRE read it – that’s a big step).

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    1. Hi,
      H ah it still freaks me out when he talks to me about something I’ve wrote! I always feel like I have to ask if it was ok! I love the sensation of writing and not really caring if I bring in numbers or if I’m click baity.


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