Monthly Catch up March to April 2018

“An investment in self-development pays the highest dividends.”
― Debasish Mridha

March was a busy month for us in the LMF household. The snow featured alot more than we thought it would (translated as I had a few days off to “deal” with the snow) plus we had a two week half term.

Lets see how I did with my list of goals:

First its left overs from Feb……

And March’s FOCUS:

  • Keep tracking Matched Betting
  • Start Learning more about Finance
    I’ve finally started and I’m really enjoying it!
  • Have a really big clearout.
    Its been started but I have so much stuff that its going to take a while.
  • Try out a new way to make money
    See below – it is on a list!

April Goals

I’m thinking quality over quantity from now on, so the below ones will be recurring:

  1. Keep investing in me: Strength training this month
  2. Read a new book each month to aid me to FIRE
  3. Start learning about FIRE and sharing it on the blog.
  4. Research a new money making project each month
  5. Start focusing on all the free courses that are available on the internet and reviewing them/sharing what I’ve learn’t.
  6. Keep focusing on the psychology of money to make sure nothing holds me back!
  7. Set up a free resources area on my blog.

I will also add some new shorter term ones to keep me focused! For this month I will just be concentrating on one that was from last month:

  • Start selling on Ebay

Since I’ve completely missed January I’m going to be all fancy and use the start of the financial year as my goal year 🙂 I may even get really fancy and have a goal spreadsheet like retireby40!

Oh and if you missed it, I was mentioned by Monevator! I’m feeling a lot of pressure to be a real FI blogger now! Ok so not that much pressure…..

Monthly Catch up

How are your goals looking?

6 thoughts on “Monthly Catch up March to April 2018

  1. Inspiring and ambitious, your goals! But you are slowly but surely making a lot of progress.
    I featured your article on

    I have a lot of things I want to do or organize this month, maybe I should write them all down in one place instead of having some of them in my head, others in my to do app or in my bullet journal.

    One goal of mine is to update my application documents and apply for at least one new job (I’m tired of my current job). I want to do this by April 22nd.

    Good luck with your goals.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on catching Monevators eye – that is no mean feat!

    I love the fact that your goals are well rounded, covering all aspects of you and your life. I really need to add in a fitness/health goal next month. Good luck with them all.

    Ref your FIRE book reading. I am sure you have a long list already. My suggestions would include:
    Millionaire Next Door
    The Richest Man in Babylon
    The Wealthy Barber
    Your Money or Your Life
    The Tightwad Gazette

    PS. Website now live – eek!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi,
      Thanks. Its taken me a while to get a hold of my goals and not just focus solely on one area and neglect others.

      Thanks for your reading recommendations too! I will check them out. I’m off to check out your website! Well Done!


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