The pain you feel today is the strength you’ll feel tomorrow

‘Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

Oh yes! Another fitness post! you either love them or hate them 🙂

I have been very well disciplined so far with my workouts and I have completed my “perfect workout” plan by combining cardio, strength training and active rest. It seems to be going well and I am sort of enjoying it?! Think its more the achievement of saying I was going to do something and then actually doing it than enjoying myself working out!

The strength training research I did like month was actually very confusing. As you can tell from my name and title (and probably blogging content)) I’m female. Well that seems to make strength training a lot harder. Women’s strength training seems to be concerned about bulking up, not lifting enough and a whole host of other things. Are men the same? So much conflicting advice is going around that my non fitness qualified self wasn’t really sure what to do. My solution? I’m just going to start light and then see what my body does. I’m going to change up my routines every 6 weeks or so anyway so I don’t get bored (the talking on the DVD is getting on my nerves a little now).

strength training

Why strength training?

Apparently only 20% of women spend their fitness time strength training which is intriguing since it is good for your health and can change your entire body. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolic rate which means you burn more calories even if your not working out. Who wouldn’t want that? Its actually really good to help you lose fat as well as protecting your body from osteoporosis. It can also enhance your mood (woo hoo!), reduce stress and improves posture and reduces back pain. I’m sold!

Types of strength training

Body Weight – Needing no equipment and this one can be done anywhere! Squats, lunges, arm circles, push ups, sit ups, crunches, dips, all types of body weight exercises.

Dumbbells – The perfect step when introducing weights into your workout. Dumbbells are easy to hold and to use. Bicep curls. arm lifts,  glute bridge,  floor press. Only downside is once your strength improves, you may outgrow them.

Barbells – Perfect when your all about strength. once you put the work in you can progress quickly and noticeably. Very expensive initially  if you want one at home or are going to the gym to use them. Barbells can have small amounts of weight added gradually and can enhance the squat and the dead lift.

It is recommended to do strength training 45 – 60 mins each time.

As for me, I’ve started with body weight exercises and I wear weight gloves when I do my cardio DVD. I am lucky in the sense that I grew up learning ballet. This mean the barre is the perfect strength training place for me since I hadn’t done any strength training since I was five.

What strength training do you do?

11 thoughts on “The pain you feel today is the strength you’ll feel tomorrow

  1. Well done on doing your workouts!
    I have been told to ‘be careful, you don’t want to get bulky’ by a, oh, so helpful work colleague!!!! Ignorance at its best.
    I would 100% agree that strength training has helped my mood and my back, I haven’t been to the osteopath for almost two years now.
    Just need to keep practicing my bracing as I seem stuck at a 30kg squat as anymore feels unstable.
    One day I will manage the monkey bars! Do you have a ‘thing’ that you are aiming for?

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  2. Hey LMF

    I’ve always incorporated strength and weight training as part of my exercise routines because I know how hard it is for most women to ‘bulk up’, so have never worried about becoming too muscular myself.

    At the gym, my strength training consists of mostly free weights (kettle bells and dumbbells), the slam balls and equipment like the leg press. There’s also strength training in the aerobics classes I do, eg squats, lunges, burpees. At home, I have a kettle bell which I fling about while I’m watching tv.

    My physio recommended that I do more push ups to help the rotator cuff shoulder injury which I’m still trying to recover from, so I do them every morning. Not being a morning person, this is probably the only exercise I find manageable at that time!

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    1. Hi Weenie,
      Thanks for sharing your workout! I’m really anxious about adding strength training as its not my favorite form of fitness. Hopefully once I put some good motivational music on I’ll just get on with it.


  3. We have a trainer. Which may not seem conducive to early retirement but I view it as an investment in our health. We also do it together which is fun and we get to watch each other grow and cheer each other on. A great investment in my view.

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    1. Hi,
      I have always wanted a trainer but I’m scared it will turn into a boot camp affair that will end with me on the floor in tears. Mr Fire strives on that kind of thing but I’m way too sensitive! Do you find it pushes you to work harder when your working out together? Thanks for stopping by.


      1. Finding the right trainer to meet your personality and goals is important. Our trainer knows us well and uses his experience to push us without allowing us to fail or get hurt. I think working out together increases our admiration for each other as we see each other struggle and succeed and incrementally improve.

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