April Income and Expenses report 2018

“Its not how much money you make, but how much you keep, how hard it works for you and how many generations you keep it for” – Robert Kiyosaki

We have had an absolute stinker of a month! I’m rather fed up of these little expenses that keep creeping up. We are still very new into our new house though and we put off some things until we moved. Now they are coming back to bite our budget!

Income April 2018


I haven’t included Matched Betting profits because we haven’t calculated them yet (we are trying something new) but anything we do make will be used as spending money for our holiday this month!

Expenses April 2018


Some explaining is required around our whopping other expenses!

£203.96 New Tires
The driving 80+ miles a day has really worn down my poor car. The legal limit was reached on the old tires so we had to do this one.

£148.84 Mr Fire Car Insurance and £475.10 for MOT
We have been keeping Mr Fire’s car as a “back up”  but we now see  how expensive that is! We are hoping to sell his car and then get refunded some money back on the insurance.

£35.70 Dentist
Poor Mr Fire’s dentist treatment is still ongoing. He has another appointment now for 3 months which should give us some time to recover.

£3.08 Subway
Mr Fire treated himself to a lunch. I haven’t put it under fin but I suppose I should?

£69 Part for bike
Unfortunately Mr Fire’s bike had a face off with my car and lost (woo hoo my car!) My car is badly scratched but no real damaged was done. Mr Fire’s bike lost its wing mirror so it had to be replaced.

I’m regretting asking Mr Fire to calcaulte our savings rate now:



Its not going very well! I’m all for finding the positive and we did have some good luck as whilst we are £593.90 short on our expenses I found £600 in my paypal account left over from my Matched Betting days which will cover it!

I’ve been obsessing a bit over our budget too which I will share in a blog post (hopefully) this month. I have some slight OCD about things going in the right “pots” even though I know its all relative really.

I’m hoping for a less expensive month this month however we are away on holiday this month.

How was your income and expenses for April? I’d love to know so leave a comment or tweet or email me! 

20 thoughts on “April Income and Expenses report 2018

  1. The longer you track your spending the more you’ll realise that the miscellaneous category tends to be quite large. I find every month gas unexpected expenses. But over the years I now understand they aren’t really unexpected, they just pop up when you didn’t want them to.

    I put away xx each month into my big/unexpected bills fund. That way I tend to have the money when the unexpected does happen. Although some months are more unexpected than others!

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    1. Hi,
      Yes I’m a real stickler but putting everything in the right place but it is really hard since life throws so many unexpected things at us each month. An unexpected fund sounds like a great idea!


  2. Sorry to hear it’s not been a great month, impressed that you are still tracking, publishing and talking about the numbers, even if they are not ideal. That takes a lot of inner strength – you should be proud of that.

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    1. Hi Ms Zi You,
      Ah thanks. It is rather tough to publish a tough month (I expect to be in the same position at the end of this month with our holiday) Hopefully we will start settling down and can budget for them next year.


  3. Sara

    Hi LMF,
    I’m sure that you’ve heard this before but it’s a marathon not a sprint! There will always be those unexpected items that feel like a waste of money. But the law says you need decent tyres and you want to be around to enjoy your savings 😉
    An occasional take away won’t destroy it all either.
    I actually separate my budget out in more detail i.e car maintenance, car insurance etc which makes it more controllable and also easier to see what it was last year.

    Can I also recommend Monevator blog as a good one to follow.

    Good luck with your journey.

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    1. Hi Sara,
      Thanks for stopping by! Yes your right! Its hard to have a bad month but we have a long time to get ourselves settled.
      I really like your idea of separating your budget out further – I think we need to rejig ours.


  4. thefijourneyuk

    Hi LMF, having zero going out/entertainment money in the budget. Is this not a little too restrictive? Or is it just while you get to grips with debt.


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    1. Hi Chris,
      Yes I think it could be rather too restrictive! We aren’t really focused on the debt since it isnt a “consumer debt” and doesn’t have any interest rate. I’m thinking of re hauling the budget to help us shape the life we want for the future.


    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, it is those times though that keep me on my toes I suppose! Once I start typing out the areas we overspent on, I think I need a budget refocus as many of them could have been budgeted for!

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  5. White Sheep

    Dear LMF

    I just happened to come across this post and noticed that while you list “Littlest LMF” under expenses, you do not mention child benefits / tax credits or child support on the income side. Just wanted to make sure that you are aware of any benefits you may be entitled to (e.g. https://www.gov.uk/child-benefit). Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere.


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