Reselling Anonymous: The big clear out part 1

Its been a long time since I’ve listed anything on Ebay  At one time I was really committed to selling stuff on it. Then the move happened and the driving happened.

Lucky for me (and maybe you?) now we have moved, we have a tonne of things to sell. I’ve found a lot of old baby clothes, CD’s, books, and a whole heap of junk. We haven’t completely unpacked everything as we have been very naughty busy. We have a room in our house that we currently don’t have a use for. It will turn into a “business or project room” at some point but for now it houses all the boxes that need unpacking.

I’m thinking this will be a long process to get rid of everything but its also a good experiment to test out all the different ways of selling unwanted items and seeing which ones are the best.

So to start, here’s the first lot of boxes (which are all mine coincidentally)

So here is what was in the boxes and how I plan to declutter them:


Ebay is the place for vintage or antique greeting cards and even used  ones sell! Mine however where either from a past life (straight in the bin) or to keep for sentimental reasons (first birthday, 21st ect…)

I do like to think I did my bit for the environment and I kept the pictures from the cards that needed to be thrown away so I can use them for craft projects with my daughter and the written parts went into the recycling to be given a new lease on life (like me!)


Is it weird to want to keep a physical CD? I know there isn’t a place for it in the modern world but it gives me strange comfort to think I still have the physical copy of it incase it gets wiped off my computer. Would I ever actually use them or play them? Of course not, the only CD player in my house is in the laptop! So my options for selling them are:

Baby clothes

I’m a big softy at heart so I had a huge box full of the not so little one’s clothes for sentimental reasons. After going through them all, I have pulled out the items I really cant bear to part with and the rest will be grouped in to age/size and sold on Ebay. I’m hoping to sell them in groups to cut down on the packaging and travelling costs that you have when selling items individually. If they don’t sell as a big batch then I will sell individually.

wedding dress

A tricky one to know where to sell this one. After some googling, its telling me I have the following options:

  • Ebay
  • Confetti
  • A local shop (ha not sure we have them in the country!)
  • Hitched.

I’ll probably try Ebay first since it is what I know.


Needless to say, I wont be selling these! I do need a good way to store them so I’m thinking scrap booking, good quality photo albums or scanning them onto the PC.

I’m off to get selling and gather the next set of boxes! I’ll do an update post in a few weeks once I start selling. Where do you sell your unwanted items?

Any advice/hints/tips for me?

6 thoughts on “Reselling Anonymous: The big clear out part 1

  1. smlsave

    Well done on going through those boxes.
    We call our room the ‘black hole’ as it’s crazy how much stuff we shove in there – and promptly forget about!
    I’d recommend scanning your photo’s into the PC (remember to save them at least in two separate secure places- nothing worse than forgetting to back up your ‘puter and losing six months of photo’s!). Photo/Scrap books are lovely but rarely looked at. Hubby put a screensaver on the TV so random photo’s come up.
    Do let me know where you sell your wedding dress, I keep meaning to get rid of mine.

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