Invest in me: The perfect workout balance

“Invest in yourself to get the best interest.”
― Debasish Mridha

I’ve learn’t a lot during my workout re-education. Its taken me a good few months to get truly back on track.


This one is easiest for me. I love to walk, dance, swim, row…. I hit it really hard in the beginning and then lost my focus a bit whilst I started my strength training. I think its more important to get back to basics with cardio for me and not get so hung up on the “cardio machines” My main aim for cardio is to walk often. I’m incorporating walking up hills and steep gradients to really get my heart racing.

Strength Training
Yep Its true, I’m still not a big fan but I did learn something really surprising to me. I actually received my strength training education from “celebrity trainers” such as Tracy Anderson. I’m not knocking her or her method in any way but I do think its important to actually learn how the human body works before launching yourself into the “dvd’s” of the fitness world. I get so bored and frustrated with DVD’s not to mention how demorisalizing it is to hear them say “it should be killing by now”. I spend 1 hour, four times a week for a month listening and following the same workout dvd. Talk about boring….. Mr Fire used to be in the army and so he knows a thing or two about building muscle. My main focus for strength training is actually to age proof my body so I don’t need to worry about “accessory muscles” I just need my build muscle and strength my bones so my body is all ready for our end goal of FIRE.


So whats next for my fitness routine?

Oh now that’s actually exciting! I’m thinking swimming, kick boxing, zumba, belly dancing, yoga…..

I hope you enjoyed my fitness journey. My next projects will be significantly shorter I’m sure. I’ll still keep you updated with my journey from time to time just to check in.

Next I’m tackling nutrition and hydration!


6 thoughts on “Invest in me: The perfect workout balance

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