What six days away from my blog have taught me

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” —Earl Nightingale

I’m back after my mini break (if you can call half term a break!) and it feels like I haven’t blogged for ages but it isn’t really that long! Its been very therapeutic to step away from the laptop and really take stock of my priorities and goals. I know I have my monthly catch up to keep me working towards them but sometimes I’m so busy doing that its hard to see the bigger picture.


After some reflection time I think I have fallen into the trap of having just too many goals that seem to conflict with each other. The break away has given me some head space to take stock and think about what I really want to work on first. I also have had the insight that I dont have to work on EVERYTHING all at once. My goals will change over time especially if I get to achieve them.

My first signs of something being out of balance was feeling very tired and demotivated. Everything felt like a chore and I often caught myself complaining that I didnt have enough time to do everything I wanted. Warning bells! I gave up my job as it was making me ill since they expected me to do the jobs of three people and the feeling of not having enough time made all this come flooding back.

I think in my excitement of a whole new world without work I ended up spreading myself too thin and falling into a trap of always needing to be busy (I will be writing a blog post about busyness this month).

Mr Fire (aka Mr Five 2 Fire) and I had some of our usual long walk and talks and have identified a goal each and a joint goal and we came up with this:



My personal goal


I have always been fairly open about my mental health struggles on my blog so its no surprise that this is my main focus. I am also continuing to work on my fitness and I’m about to start focusing on my nutrition. I have found that by trying to juggle too many balls in the air that it is my fitness and health that seems to suffer first so this is a priority for me. I have set myself a very generous deadline of four years to get fit by. I know I wont need that long but for now I want to take it slow and work on improving my health and fitness day by day.

Mr Fire’s personal goal


Blog Format

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it previously that Mr Fire and his brothers own a family business. Mr Fire is the leader of the business really and the driving force behind it all (I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this!) It has its good and bad points as on one hand he has complete control on deciding the business direction, the downfall is that he does have to get approval with an idea before he runs off to do it. Since Mr Fire is rather good with numbers he has a whole business plan that should mean the business is eventually able to take over his day job. Once that happens he can then set it up so it can create a fairly passive income stream and this is the cornerstone to our plan for FIRE.  I talk a bit more on the family business in my interview with the FIintrovert.

Our joint goal

4I bet this doesn’t come as a shock! We are now all guns blazing to pay the mortgage off. I know I haven mentioned it numerous times over the course of my blog but I really do feel very motivated to get selling and earning in order to start chipping away at it. There wont be a secret formula that we will be using to pay it off, just good old fashioned savings (if we have money left over at the end of each month) and I will be using my big clear out profits (If i make any), Each way sniping and matched betting profits. I will also keep looking for new ways to make money.

I think it will feel very strange for me to not be managing so many goals but each of these goals has a lot of mini steps to complete so I doubt I’ll get bored!

What are your goals? How do you stay focused?

3 thoughts on “What six days away from my blog have taught me

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