Each Way Sniping update May 2018

Matched Betting has taken a back seat now in our house and we have embraced Each Way sniping! If you missed what Each way sniping is all about then check out The Fire Starter post on it all!


I am fairly excited about EW sniping for some reason! I love how it is a sit down between these times type of deal and after a certain time we stop and go about with our days. It isn’t risk free though so we aren’t talking totally risk free easy money. Mr Fire and I are still in the testing stages and are only betting £4 at most.

I’m surprised that gubbing hasn’t really gotten in the way too much, there are so many bookies out there that its easy to cut your losses on the gubbed accounts and just open a new one.

Actual Match Betting has taken a back seat now. I Each way  snipe about three times a week depending on childcare and other morning commitments. Mr Fire doesn’t have the luxury of picking it up when he chooses since the day job comes first for the moment. I’m happy to be testing something out that seems to be a money making income stream.

The actual numbers

Ok so I messed up! I didnt track my deposits so whilst when I track my handy little spreadsheet Mr Fire made its says I good profit of £26.14, once I tracked my deposits and compared it with how much money was left in my bookies it looks more like £8.41.

Not amazing but also not bad little profit for quite a little bit of work. Mr Fire does his sniping at work and I usually do mine after the school drop off whilst doing a few other things.  I did quite a bit of moving money around in May whilst finding my feet and it was very confusing having to track it all at the end of the month so I’m starting fresh now in June.I will be tracking all my deposits and withdrawals. I’ll be able to provide a better breakdown next month hopefully!

Mr Fire thinks he made about £50 but he isn’t quite sure yet since his spreadsheet is split between several laptops due to trying to find the time to fit it all in.

I was worried when I first stopped Matched Betting as we had already paid for our Oddsmoney subscription but there is no way we could do Each Way Sniping without it! Its more than paying for itself!

Don’t forget if your interested in trying some Matched Betting, then I highly recommend Oddsmonkey. (affiliate link)  We couldn’t make any money without it! I also have a handy referral link if you would be so kind as to use it.


I also recommend Smarkets and with this handy little link you get a free £10 bonus!


How is your Matched Betting going? Have you tried Each Way Sniping?

11 thoughts on “Each Way Sniping update May 2018

  1. Great to hear that you’re still doing the EW bets and that you’re making a profit. Although most of my stakes these days do go on EW bets, I still do actual MB, ie betting and laying as there are offers to be had which take very little time, eg weekly bet clubs (bet £25, get £5 free bet kind of offer). 10Bet had an offer to place £20 on certain bets to get £5 free bets for the World Cup so I have £40 of free bets there. I have a few where I will get a free bet every time a certain team wins or a player scores so hoping that will work out well.

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  2. tuppennysfireplace

    I’ve not even started matched betting and now you and TFS and Weenie are talking about EWS!!! I’ve just read TFS’ latest post and he made big bucks on each way sniping. But it doesn’t sound as safe as matched betting. I’ll be interested to see how you did in June given your money moves may have obscured some of the profit/loss/activity.

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    1. Hi Tuppenny

      You’re right, the EWs are not as safe as matched betting – it’s as close to gambling as you can get, I think. When you dip your toe into MB, stick to the easy stuff, follow the step by step guides and then when you are confident to try something different, have a go at this, which isn’t for the faint-hearted because of the variances. A week ago, things weren’t going my way and I was making a loss of over £100. Have managed to claw that back into positive but it’s hairy going!

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  3. Good to hear you’re getting some milage out of this! And aren’t too afraid of the ups and downs to give it a try.

    Regarding the 2 separate spreadsheets issue… Could you set up a Google sheets spreadsheet so you can both access it online from anywhere and any device? Or would Mr F’s work block access?

    Also I don’t bother tracking deposits and withdrawals with this but just track every single bet so my numbers should be fairly solid (still add up all my bookie balances at the end of the month to work out the total profit though). Not saying you shouldn’t as really the more records you keep the better I think. But just that I don’t 🙂

    Did you work out your ROI % just out of interest? Mines currently at 30% which is ridiculous but think anything over 10 is pretty good.

    With £4 stakes I think you’ll get a really long run with most bookies before being gubbed. I’m up to £40 now and still haven’t been gubbed with good accounts like Ladbrokes and William Hill after 3/4 months! Some of my “gubbed” accounts still let me bet low stakes such as this amount anyway so if you stick to low stakes you’ll get a really good run.

    I think I’m going to write up a guide on this soon with a few extra hours and tips for people to try squeeze a bit more percentage profit out on stakes so keep an eye out for it.

    All the best of luck for June 😊

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    1. WOW just seen your post – you made a killing! Woo Hoo! My ROI (according to the spreadsheet) was 11%. I’m currently on 66% for this month so expecting a massive profit drop!
      Cant wait for your guide! Am I ok to link to it? You know how crap I am at the technical 🙂
      I’ll runs the spreadsheet idea through Mr Fire. His work does lock everything down pretty tight though.
      Hoep your June goes well!


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