Our holiday spending May 2018

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language” Henry James

Mr Fire and I recently went on our first holiday of 2018! Not that we have anymore booked but it sure sounds hopeful! (looking at our money though it doesn’t look that hopeful!)

We had a wonderful time visiting Holland and it was the first city break we have ever taken together. I had my usual odd expectations (a to do list in my head and a heap of reflection time to really get my shit together) and didn’t do anything on list but I did have some serious reflection time.

We spent the majority of our time walking to the various attractions we had planned to visit so my step counter was hitting 30 thousands steps at one point!

Here are some of our holiday snaps!

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One of the things that impressed me about Holland was how bicycle friendly they are. The roads are dedicated to cyclists and everyone rides a bike. It really inspired Mr Fire and I to make an active lifestyle a real priority.

How did our finances do? EEkkkk! This is defiantly one of those teaching moments were you really should have your finances sorted out BEFORE you go! Savings really would have helped us out here. We spent Ā£1,155 in total on 5 nights. Not great but as I said, a teaching moment.

Overall I think this month will be a really tough one for us. I’m hoping we don’t go into the red but I guess if we do then we will have to deal with it.

As for my to do list, Its been changed into only priority items make it to the list now. I refuse to get bogged down with all the little insignificant things again!


How do you manage your money when your on holiday?

10 thoughts on “Our holiday spending May 2018

  1. Sounds like a lovely break you had – I love your first two non-traditional Dutch pictures! Even I usually cycle in Amsterdam, it’s just the normal way of getting about for everyone.

    As for the cost, that seems pricey for Amsterdam to me, but I’m more of a budget traveller personally – hostels, cheap wine and lots of walking!

    What are your plans for future holidays? Are you thinking of starting saving now for them?

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    1. Hi,
      I’d love to go on more holidays but alas the restrictions of one income make it difficult. We though we might do a city break to London and possibly have a staycation. I actually don’t know how to ride a bike so I was very jealous of everyone nipping about so comfortable on their bikes.


  2. tuppennysfireplace

    We recently went to the Lake District as part of my birthday celebrations. We booked a cottage and self catered the majority of our meals. Had 2 meals out and fish and chips on the beach one evening. The rest of the time we were walking so we had packed lunches and breakfast before we left. Walks were in remote ish areas so took all food and drink with us. Certainly helped keep the costs down.

    If we had done any touristy things like hire a boat on one of the lakes the cost would have gone up but we’ve already done that type of thing and we go there to walk which is usually free!

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  3. About our holidays: we are saving all the year. The saving is for many things, including holidays, and we are a family that enjoy the holidays, we are living for šŸ˜€ and want the FI just to do oooonly holidays (we would be bored, isn’t it? šŸ˜€ )

    This summer we will go similar to last summer: camping in France: Vosges, Jura, and maybe Chamonix. Because we have already experience and equipment and experience, the budget is friendly: last summer we spend 14 days with 1500 euro for 2 adults and a girl, this summer we are more “experienced” and we will go cheaper (or not?:) ) but the budget is up to 2.000 euro fora little more days.
    We (me, me , me, behind my blonde hair there is a gipsy blood šŸ˜€ ) are still planning for a long holiday during the winter too. We spent last winters in Canary islands, not very expensive but full of D vitamin from sun, C vitamin from local oranges and sea vitamin šŸ™‚ so why not again?

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    1. ha ha I love you comment about your holidays! I’m hoping once we reach FIRE we can get a camper van and just travel the world! I guess its kinda like camping! I cant camp due to my health conditions but your holidays sound amazing!


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  5. thefijourneyuk

    It is certainly interesting that you were in Holland the same time as me hehe. Small world… I used my Revolut card and withdrew around ā‚¬200 Euro cash and then spent everything else on the card. I only ended up spending about Ā£250 in total so Ā£50 a day. Feel a right spendthrift now hehe. Chris


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