Monthly Catch up May to June 2018

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. “–Ayn Rand

May was fairly quiet apart from getting ready for the holiday and half term. Both were fairly costly but we still managed to end up on track in the end!

I’ve had a re haul of my goals so lets see how I  did with my list of goals:

May Goals

  1. Keep investing in me:
    This one has now been bumped up to one of my main ones.  Once I’ve finished learning and setting up new ways to implement what I learn I’d like to have a section detailing my journey. Maybe a FIRE blog isn’t the right place? ha ha. In May I focused on getting my fitness routine just right.
  2. Read a new book each month to aid me to FIRE: Last month I read the one minute  millionaire. I really enjoyed it but I am struggling to stay engaged with the finance books at the moment. I tend to read at night before I go to sleep but I’ve found by doing this with fitness books its beginning to consume me a bit. I’m not sure If I’ll continue this one.
  3. Start learning about FIRE and sharing it on the blog – Last month I focused on how to achieve FIRE. I learn’t a lot about the whole process. I’m still enjoying this so I think I’ll keep it going.
  4. Research a new money making project each month – I really enjoyed testing out dog walking and its a good way to really check something is viable before rushing off with it. It even got a little mention on Monevator. 
  5. Start focusing on all the free courses that are available on the internet and reviewing them/sharing what I’ve learn’t.  – I have fallen behind with this one since my first one about Dave Ramsay’s 7 steps course. I do have a few courses I’d like to check out as well so I’ll have to see if I can fit it in this month since I’m a bit behind.
  6. Keep focusing on the psychology of money to make sure nothing holds me back!  Again this one hasn’t been completed for last month since my previous post Are you a spender or a saver post.
  7. Set up a free resources area on my blog.  I set up a reading list page in April and I do have big plans for this area but I can’t seem to decide what is more useful. I’m thinking of interviewing bloggers at various stages of their journey to help learn from them. What do you think?

I’ve also added a new page under my “About Me” page. I’m really proud of how far I’ve come with my blog and wanted to celebrate. I know its not huge in terms of the massive blogs but I’m more than happy with what I have.

My short term for May 2018 was:

  • Write a guest post for a blog.

I was lucky enough to be asked for a guest post by the wonderful Emilie over at Wise Mind Money during one of our twitter chats. Its a very personal post and I did doubt at first whether to bare my soul in such a way on a blog that isn’t my own. After some kind reassuring words from Emilie I chose to let it be published. I’d love to know what you think!

Moving Forward Financially

My goal for June is:

  • Sell some items on Ebay to put towards paying the mortgage  off.

I think this maybe a recurring theme for a while until things settle down so this is where I will be tracking all things mortgage! I know it may be better suited in my I&E but our money takes a while to settle down so I’m putting it here until I decide to move it!

Here’s our mortgage starting point:



I’m sure its pretty clear the amount we owe is red and the amount paid off is the green! We naturally pay off some of our mortgage with each months payments but there is that naughty interest in there too!

In may we had £250 to put towards over payment. It still looks the same so I will break down the money paid off the mortgage into which one is the usual paying off the which ones are extra:



Looks more hopeful with 13% of our overall payments now being extra payments! Lets hope we can continue!

Oh and if you missed it, I was interviewed for the second time by the FINTROVERT!

May was also the month of Mr Fire’s (AKA Mr Five2Fire) first post! Confused by his two different names? I call him Mr Fire but he used to have a blog called Five 2 fire but didn’t really have the time to commit to it. Save him setting up a whole new profile just to do the odd post on here, he’s using his old name.

Monthly Catch up

How are your goals looking?

6 thoughts on “Monthly Catch up May to June 2018

  1. That’s impressive to see you pay down extra, with just a salary and children.

    We have a mortgage (a new one) about 2.6 years already and we didn’t extra paid anything. Indeed, the bank has some limitations but we didn’t do any effort, we keep the savings in the saving account because we have no decision…. So that’s why I am impressed about you, guys: great job, keep the road, any penny counts. You are an inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thefijourneyuk

    Well done on the mortgage over payments LML. I enjoyed Mr Fire’s post on what he does for a living and his buy to let business plans.

    When it comes to plans and completing goals you set yourself, remember that sometimes being flexible is key, dropping a goal or plan because it’s not working or currently right is also an option. I think sometimes goals can drag you around and be like a ball and chain if you are not careful. It’s a fine balance between discipline to achieve stuff and letting them take over.


    Liked by 1 person

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