Ever wonder how we make our money?

“To get rich, you have to be making money while you are asleep”

–       David Bailey

I always find it quite derogatory that money is at the centre of our society. I personally spend 40-50 hours a week to earn a wage so that LMF and I can live our lives. As Winston Churchill once said about democracy, I find that capitalism is the worst form of society apart from all the others. Having said that, I can’t think of anything better so we have to steam ahead within the bounds already set out.


I have a salaried job which pays for all our expenses currently. I work in the NHS as a planning accountant. I’m not a chartered accountant yet, but I got this job by exploiting a weakness in the job market that my skills suit particularly well. I am planning on doing my exams soon. LMF and I have and a busy couple of years so I’ve not had the time to really study.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have our spending setup so that we always get money or rewards back for our spending. We also use sites like topcashback.com to supercharge that where we can.

I run and own part of a family business. This is a buy to let business that I setup a couple of years ago with my brothers. The company doesn’t pay any money as a salary yet as we are reinvesting our profits to grow quicker. In the next 3-5 years this should change and slowly start to take over our living expenses.

I do matched betting as often as I can. What I do changes every week or month but LMF should be doing a post every once in a while explaining what I have been getting up to.

Our plans for the future include growing our income as much as we can. To do this I need to study for and pass my accountancy exams and build up the family business to be able to sustain our living expenses. We also need to reduce expenses. The main expense we have is our mortgage so that will go first as the personal debt doesn’t sit well with me, plus once it’s gone our living expenses drop rapidly.

LMF will also start exploring ways to increase her income and naturally sharing it all on the blog. We are both hoping she finds something that she is passionate about that brings in some big bucks. If not, no worries, I’ve got things covered from my side. It’ll just take us a little longer.



How do you make your money? What do you do to boost your income?

2 thoughts on “Ever wonder how we make our money?

  1. thefijourneyuk

    Thanks for your post. How if at all has the recent changes the government has put in against buy to let such as the stamp duty charge and additional legislation elsewhere affected your plans? I probably don’t know anywhere close to as much as you on the subject but a close friend of mine who currently does buy to let has decided to change his plans as a result. Chris


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