Mini update from me

“Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Sorry! I’m tardy with my blog posts this week! I’ve been busy enjoying the sunshine that the UK has ( for now) and I have also taken on a few extra projects (after saying I wouldn’t)….

I’ve upped my fitness:

I’m starting to see some results from my fitness!  (Mr Fire more than me but I’m a perfectionist so that’s understandable!)

I’ve created my own strength training programme and I also have a new found love for Zumba as my cardio fix!

Image result for zumba

Mentally I’m feeling really good due to the increased cardio. I worry that it will be short lived and as most people with mental health issues know, the down after a good high is nothing less than torture. I’m trying not to think about it though as hopefully it is sustainable.

I’m tackling the overgrown back garden

We are lucky enough to have two good sized gardens however they have been very overgrown. I’m not a gardener but I’m really enjoying tackling the back. Its a very gradual process since we are at the mercy of our garden waste bin being collected every 2 week so once its full, I have to stop.

Image result for overgrown garden

My plan for the back garden is to turn it into an area that is fun for Littlest Miss Fire, looks appealing to sit in and to grown fruit/veg and herbs. I’m hoping I can start planting with the little one whilst she’s off for her six weeks half term and use it as a fun, educational activity.

I’m really enjoying it as even though I have to stop before I want to (bin being full and all) Its my own project that I can bring Mr and Littlest Miss Fire in on whenever I want without it being taken away from me.

I’ll try and make some time for posting the next two weeks before the big half term so please bear with me!

I am also happy to be featured on Penny’s wonderful Shepicksuppennies blog about our mortgage overpayment so check it out here! 



3 thoughts on “Mini update from me

  1. thefijourneyuk

    Hey LMF, Really pleased to hear about the fitness successes. Hope you can keep it going. I am about to get more serious with my fitness also as I have done really well with strength training but need to do more cardio, this weather has put me off recently though hehe. Chris

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  2. Great to see you are enjoying the sunshine LMF, I’m of the hide-in-the-shade kinda person and fitness has dropped dramatically. Well done on finding a class that you enjoy.
    Re the green bin being full, how about a compost pile? I use the green bin for weeds that can survive composting, hawthorn and brambles.

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