Why all bookmakers are sexist.

“A gender-equal society would be one where the word ‘gender’ does not exist: where everyone can be themselves.”— Gloria Steinem

Yes you read my title right and I stand by this. What do I base this one? Matched Betting and Each Way sniping actually.

Everyone knows I  messed up royally with my Matched Betting accounts so the blame is not the bookies on this one.However now I am doing Each Way sniping the sexism is real.


Myself and Mr Fire both do Each Way sniping the same days each week, for the same amount (he’s upped his stakes this month and I cant – more on that to follow), we follow the same rules and if I’m really honest we usually bet on the same dam horses as luck would have it (double the profit or losses depending on how you look at it)

We are even with mostly the same bookies and yet I am the one who gets restrictions put on my account whilst he doesn’t. I am not doing anything different to him but I have a name that makes it obvious I’m female and maybe I’ve been naive by ticking the “female” box.

Whilst this month he is upping his stakes to £5 each way (£10 a bet) I cant even get £1 with some bookies. When I question the bookies they say they are monitoring my account. NOT MR FIRES which is basically a carbon copy of mine.

Whats so wrong with a female punter? Are they afraid I’ll take all their lunch money at lunch time or I’ll loose my pretty little head and not understand these things? Maybe its as I’m cleaning them out with EW sniping….


So I’ll continue Each Way sniping and joining new bookies knowing I’m treated differently for simply being female. But thank you bookies, as now when I take your hard earned cash – I’ll smile a little sweeter knowing how much you REALLY don’t want me to.

7 thoughts on “Why all bookmakers are sexist.

  1. It’s bad when you’re stake restricted at some bookies but whilst it seems like it could be something sexist, it might not be – the OddsMonkey forum is full of guys who have been similarly gubbed and they can’t even use their sex as an excuse! I’d say bookies just gub people who they think are taking too much ‘value’, regardless of sex.

    However, it’s hard to pin-point exactly why bookies restrict you or start to ‘monitor your account’ – certain MB activities, eg betting on arbs will get your account closed down faster. After over two years of Matched Betting, I’ve now been gubbed by a total of around 15 bookies and that’s with me trying not to take the p*ss with offers and only making relatively small bets. I’m still able to do EW betting with most of those gubbed accounts and continue to MB with my ungubbed accounts. I’ve had some of my accounts for many many years – two I’ve had for over 10 years so I’d be devastated if I lost those.

    I’m not sure you can get away with ticking the ‘male’ box if you are female as this would obviously be flagged if you are asked to verify your ID, particularly when you want to withdraw your money and you don’t want the bookies any sort of excuse to refuse!

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    1. Yes Weenie I think your right that for some reason people get randomly gubbed regardless of sex. I just noticed that with Mr Fire and I do exactly the same things (using different addresses from each other) that he is still ok to bet with them and they restrict me for some reason. When I challenge them they say its “standard practice!” what a load of bull!


  2. ed

    just getting started on this EWS lark – hearing that bookies are sexist is not good news for me – I’m starting at 0.5ew and intending to go up to 1ew next month and work up – will be interesting to see when i start getting gubbed….

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    1. Hi Ed,
      Thats great news your giving it a go! Yes Its true, i really do believe they are sexist but on the upside I am still making a profit from it and there are alot of bookies out there to try!
      Good luck and please do update me on how your finding it!


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