Invest in me: How to have perfect health

“To get dividends from life, invest in yourself.”
― Debasish Mridha

I’m still going strong in the self investing department. Now its time to focus on promoting perfect health.

My definition of perfect wont be everyone else’s perfect by the way as we are all so different. Mr Fire for example is always in perfect health but he doesn’t really suffer from any long term complaints.

To me perfect health is having lots of energy, feeling awake and having my numerous health complaints under control.

Here are my focus points:



I have already researched the perfect amount of water to drink so this one should just be about maintaining.


I take quite a bit of medication and remembering to take it all can be a challenge. This one might take some google personal assistant reminders till I get into the habit! Apparently it takes between 21 days to two months to form a new habit.


I’ve completed quite a lot of research on fitness such as my perfect workout routine, cardio, strength training and finding the perfect balance.


Again I’ve already completed quite a bit of work on this one here. All I need to do is to keep it up.


Ah my favorite subject! Now I know how much sleep I actually need, I just need to get to bed on time and try not to sleep in. Being more physically fit is really helping this one too.

I’m going to be looking into energy for the next post I think as I would love to have enough energy to keep up with the five year old and keep everything else ticking along (plus actually watching a whole TV show without falling asleep would be nice as well)

I’m doing really well completing my triangle

Twelth post


What does your perfect health look like? I’d love to hear some of your ideas.

2 thoughts on “Invest in me: How to have perfect health

  1. Hurray, I was wondering where you’d gone. Hope you are ok.
    I still need to work on drinking more fluids but am back to the gym after the summer hols and am doing the couch to 5k (again)
    Perfect health to me is being able to keep up with the children. To have energy. To one day complete the monkey bars.


  2. Hi Little Miss FIRE,

    What a good post to remind us all how important our health is! Just like you, I value good nutrition, quality sleep, and plenty of exercises. I also practice meditation and read many spiritual & self-help books to keep myself mentally strong and positive.

    Liked by 1 person

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