LMF returns

So I’m back – finally! I ended up taking a MUCH bigger break than I intended to! I’m back though and I fully intend to catch up with all my email and comments and tweets (phew!) Things should be getting back to normal around this blog from now on hopefully! Here;s a brief update as to what I’ve been up to:

Mr five2Fire is still Each Way sniping

MB Front page
He’s still been slogging away on and off (day job permitting) and doing rather well at it in all honesty. If you’ve missed the whole Each way sniping thing or are new to this blog then check it out here. I’ll get back to posting monthly updates or better still – talk him into doing his own!

We have two new arrivals to the family!

Yes that’s right, we now have the pitter patter of tiny feet paws as we finally caved in and bought Littlest Miss Fire two pet guinea pigs. They are very cute but also an awful lot of worth. A little snuggle from them make it all worth it though. Shame they have now added to our food and house budget (plus they didn’t come cheap)

Out with the old

I’ve really been digging down and getting ready to sell our old stuff. You may remember that was my plan a few months back and then I hit a stumbling block in the form of getting screwed by EBay! I’m going to utilize all selling platforms and who knows I may even have to go back to EBay for some items!

House update

Image result for overgrown garden
Completely un-FIRE related (seems like most of my stuff is!) we have been working hard during the summer months at sorting our front garden out. It still needs a lot of work but its getting there slowly and surely. Ok more slowly than surely….. I am also tackling the back garden and I’m hoping to have a herb/vegetable/fruit garden up and running next year.

Our FIRE may have gone out

Ohhhh yes the big one! We’ve been looking over our finances ALOT! At times its been like trying to pull money from thin air and of course failing! We are currently planning our FIRE future so I will be focusing some posts on where we are up to and what decisions we have made.

Mortgage overpayments

Woo Hoo we have overpaid our mortgage quite a few times in the last few months. By how much I hear you cry! Well nothing ground breaking but its money better spent off the mortgage than on other things like alcohol and clothes (sob!) I’ll update more on this on my monthly catch ups.

And there you have it. My lack of posting due to being very busy can be summed up in one (rather short) post. I’ve really missed blogging and having my oddly one sided therapy sessions of blogging my random thoughts and feelings. Hopefully you are all still with me!

A big thanks to the fabulous escape artist for mentioning me on his blog:


8 thoughts on “LMF returns

  1. Can’t really start with saying ‘welcome back’ as I din’t know you were gone. That’s 100% because I’m a new kid on the block (blog?!). Don’t even know whether you can say that of a 50-year old… sounds weird. Anyway, loved reading some of your posts and look forward to read more from you 🙂


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