Monthly Catch: October to November 18

“The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living your life on your own terms.” Chris Brogan

I feel a bit strange writing this post since I feel as if I haven’t really been thinking about my goals over the last few months. Whilst I haven’t been blogging I have actually set up some new personal goals since I always like to keep working inwardly on myself. Some of them line up with the goals I’ve been working on this year:

  1. Keep investing in me:
    This has evolved a bit for me now since I’m struggling with food and working out in the winter. I have actually found myself referring back to my previous posts on the perfect nutrition and fitness for guidance.
  2. Read a new book each month to aid me to FIRE. I haven’t read anything since I read the one minute  millionaire. I’m currently reading Reset by ZudePR and will be writing a full review once I’ve read it.
  3. Start learning about FIRE and sharing it on the blog – I haven’t written anything about this since I focused on how to achieve FIRE. I’m not sure how relevant this goal is now since we need side hustles in order for us to achieve FIRE. My own personal goal is to become an Entrepreneur so I may change this one up for next month.
  4. Research a new money making project each month – I really enjoyed testing out dog walking and my last post was on Book cover designing which didn’t quite work out for me!
  5. Start focusing on all the free courses that are available on the internet and reviewing them/sharing what I’ve learn’t.  – I haven’t done anything on this one. Gain I’m not sure if its really applicable now we’ve had our wake up call but if you remember my list was rather short as I may as well see it through to the end!
  6. Keep focusing on the psychology of money to make sure nothing holds me back!  Nothing has been done on this since Are you a spender or a saver post.  I do really enjoy the psychology behind how we do what we do. My own personal goal is similar to this so it will evolve into it I assume.
  7. Set up a free resources area on my blog.  Wow I forgotten about this one since I set up a reading list page in April. I’ve also forgotten about my big plans I had for it but I do have some blog design things I want to work on since I think this blog may end up taking a different route to traditional FIRE blogs (if there is even such a thing as a traditional FIRE blog!)

I think I’m out of touch from June’s goal so my November goal is to start Each Way Sniping! Eeeekkkk yes I’ve been dipping a toe in the muddy waters of EW sniping! Mr Fire has a whole new hassle free system he’s been testing on himself so I thought I’d give it a go before we share. It also means we get double the use out of our Oddsmonkey subscription (affiliate link) which is like oxygen for us EW matchers!


My big exciting news this month is The wonderful, amazing and talented The Escape Artist featured me in his post “why would anyone write a blog” he mentioned the all great and powerful Mr Money Mustache. Little old me got a mention for my The Shopfloor Mentality post.

Monthly Catch up

How are your goals looking? Do you have any FIRE blogs I should be checking out? Seems like a lot of new ones have appeared since May!

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