The FIRE Extinguisher

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” – Warren Buffett


At our current rate of saving, I will be able to retire in about 400 years (not including state or workplace pension.) I don’t think that will do as I really don’t want to be working when I’m 314 years old and 6 feet under. Commuting every day would probably be much worse than now for a start and let’s not forget that I’ll still probably have to type stuff into excel!

This is a problem for us so we need to break it down and solve it.

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The Problem

After losing over 40% of our take home income when Little Miss Fire stopped working and 10% of our income when I left the Army Reserve, we are really could do with replacing this income. Our plan (as my name suggests) was to pay off our mortgage in 5 years from side hustles and then carry on with the side hustles to fund our FIRE. This called for us to earn £2,000 more than we were spending each month. This was to be made up of £1,200 from Little Miss Fire salary, £300 from Army Reserve income which left £500 to be split between me and Little Miss Fire in matched betting/EW sniping/anything else we could think of.

What actually happened is that Little Miss Fire had to leave work, I had to leave the Army Reserve to support her and Matched betting hit a wall once we had done all the sign up offers. The decision is made though and looking after your health is much more important that over paying the mortgage.

Like any plan, it didn’t survive contact with the enemy.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome


We need to take a step back here because we have only looked at the negatives of the situation. It is totally negative on the money front whereas on every other front it is a positive. Little Miss Fire  now has the time she needs to fully focus on her health, we are in a much happier place as a family as I’m not rushing around spending weekends away, instead of looking after Littlest Miss Fire. It’s also allowed us to start other projects which will hopefully start bringing in some money sooner or later.

By focusing on the negative we can convince ourselves that the whole thing is a terrible idea and completely ignore the happiness we now enjoy.

So we need a new plan and that plan is:

Side Hustles

Image result for side hustles

Little Miss Fire  has been doing her tried and tested series for a while now and we have hopefully found a few side hustles that will start to bring in the big bucks (or a lot of little bucks over several projects, I don’t mind which ever it is.)

I’m going to concentrate on my current Buy-to-Let company and hopefully take it in a new direction over the next 12-24 months which should bring in a greater ROI. I’m also going to be continuing with EW sniping.

Little Miss Fire  is going to be taking a couple of interesting projects that she will hopefully share soon and that have potential to grow really big.

We also should have some really exciting news in in March/April 2019. It’s something we have been working on for a couple of months now and we can’t wait to get to the finishing point.

We are also going to be racking our brains on what else we can do.

If anyone has any ideas for what we can try, please comment below. FIRE depends on it!

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