Reselling Update : November 2018

“Always deliver more than expected.” — Larry Page, co-founder of Google

This is my first ever reselling update post! I’m surprisingly enjoying getting rid of our old clutter and I’m finding it really satisfying! It is rather time consuming (and boring) so I’ve decided to start dedicating an hour to it each week starting from today!  This way I shouldn’t get too frustrated with it!

I’ve only sold two items this month since I’ve been busy working on some new money making ideas along with writing this blog (at long last) and trying to bring money in from multiple places (side hustles baby!)

Mr Fire had some old motorbike boots he brought many years a go from Ebay and had never gotten round to selling them himself so in I swooped to save the day sell them. Mr Fire thought it best to list them for 99p since they did take up a bit of extra space. Ebay helpfully told me to start listing between £4.99 and £9.99. I opted for £4.99 since we’ve be more than happy to get that.


A bit of a bidding frenzy ensued much to my delight (I never get a bidding war on things I sell) and we ended up selling them for £32.50! Woo Hoo! Unfortunately all that amount isn’t profit since we have shipping fee’s, Ebay fee’s, paypal; fees’s and packaging fee’s (yawn!)

The second item that we finally got rid of was my very old PS2! I’ve had it for such a long time I was really surprised anyone would want to take it! I searched with all the usual selling websites to find the best price. It can be quite tough matching your item the the exact one they quote the price for as the questions seem endless: Is it slimline? Boxed? power cable included? is it black or white?

I finally found the exact model on CEX and made sure to package it up all nicely with bubble wrap that I had lying about from when I post my Ebay items. I’m just waiting for it be accepted at CEX now so I can see if I get my money! I like the way it can be posted for free at a post office so I’m not trying to get Mr Fire to drive round looking for a Hermes shop!

My old wedding dress is still listed on Ebay waiting for someone to buy it but I do think its possibly the wrong season for me to be selling it in!

Does anyone do any reselling?

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