Monthly Catch: November to December 18

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.” — Jim Rohn, one of America’s foremost business philosophers

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve changed as a person since I first started my monthly catch up series. I have been contemplating whether all of this are relevant to me now. I like the idea of having personal goals seperate to this blog as then I have something just for me and by having blog goals I can share them which motivates me to actually do them!

  1. Keep investing in me  
    I am still really enjoying my fitness and I have found a  really good balance now with fitness. I’ve started attempting to learn ballet again. I was never really that good at it but its fairly demoralizing to start from scratch again. I’m thinking it could be a very humbling experience. I’m not sure I will be doing a series on this anymore but will probably just use the monthly catch ups to update everyone!
  2. Read a new book or complete a free course each month to aid me to FIRE.I’m STILL reading Reset by ZudePR!  I am terrible at sticking to reading a book! Mr Fire likes to read before bed but I’m way too tired by that point after running around with the Littlest Little Miss Fire! I do need to find some time to read though!
  3. Become an Entrepreneur
    I’ve removed learning about FIRE since our path seems rather rocky and the resources that are available about FIRE don’t always seem relevant. I’ve always wanted to be an Entrepreneur but never dared admit it! I’m being rather brave by having this as one of my personal goals and putting it on here! I’ll probably only update during the monthly catch up posts till things get going.
  4. Research a new money making project each month – I really enjoyed testing out Book cover designing  even if it didn’t quite work for me!
  5. Keep focusing on the psychology of money to make sure nothing holds me back! 
    I do really enjoy the psychology behind how we do what we do although I haven’t been inspired to delve further into it. I’ve had such an amazing response to my most popular post ever The Shopfloor mentality that I doubt I’ll ever beat it. I’d love to do a degree in physiology but I think I’ll need to earn a lot more pennies first!
  6. Redesign this blog
    I’m not planning anything major on the redesigning of the blog probably just alter some menus and update a few things.

Monthly Catch up

How are your goals looking?

2 thoughts on “Monthly Catch: November to December 18

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