Tried and Tested: Can you make money with “be my eye”

“Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have, beautifully” -Scott Alexender

This isn’t actually one that I’ve tried and tested! This one is all Mr Fire. Mr Fire’s day job dictates that he takes a lunch break every day (everyone would rather work through and go home earlier right?) so he decided to try out one of the many phone apps out there that promise you can make “money in your spare time” Ok so lunch time isn’t really spare time – more like dead time.

He signed up with which promises to earn you some extra cash whilst your killing time – just what we all need coming up to Christmas!


What is it?

Its an app that you download onto your phone. Once installed it will provide “missions” for your to complete in order to earn money. Its a bit like mystery shopping. You can choose to find mission near where you live or ask it to find missions near the location you are currently in (you can do this by viewing a map and choosing the mission you’d like to take.  Once selected you can view the requirements of the mission and decide if you wish to accept. Missions can range from taking a photo of the shop front to answering a series of questions about the products instore or simply taking a photo of them. Each mission earns you some money and some you can earn as much as £5 for doing things you would do anyway during your weekly shop.

The handy map on the app not only tells you the mission but it also includes details such as opening times, your deadline and it gives you directions to the location. The more missions you complete the higher level you become. Being a higher level means you unlock higher missions so you earn more money.


None needed really. Owning a smart phone is pretty much a given and knowing how to use the app and camera.

None – anyone can do it!

The legalities

None – by far the easiest tried and tested yet!


Start Up Costs 

None assuming you already own a smartphone.

Running/ongoing costs
This only applies if your going out especially to complete the missions and if so then its transport costs. I personally wouldn’t let this rule my life and would just be checking for missions whilst I was already out opposed to only going out to find a mission.

Does it work?

In theory yes! This should be the perfect way to make money in your spare time. Imagine a magical paradise where you eanr around £20 a day completing these whilst you meet friends for lunch, have 10 mins to kill whilst waiting for the bus, earn a few pounds in your lunch hour.

Here’s Mr Fire’s experience

He downloaded the app just fine and headed out to the first place. It was all shut up like it hadn’t been open in months. He took a photo of it all closed up and submitted it to bemyeye. They apologized, accepted the photo and paid him £4. Very reasonable really when you think about it. A fluke that its all closed up more likely. NO it happened to the next THREE places Mr Fire tried! Again he took a photo of the places all shut up and was awarded £4 for each one. Whilst £4 is good its not what they where offering for completing the mission. He ended up with £16 in his account and so went to transfer it out. You need to provide ID in order to remove funds which is far enough I guess. They wouldn’t accept a photo of his ID! He was asked to take a photo, print it, scan it back in and email it over to them WTF? If you can complete missions using a photo off your phone why cant you get your ID approve this way?

Needless to say he won’t be using it again as whats the point of a) visiting closed down shops and b) earning money you cant access!


Has anyone ever tried these types of shopping apps?

3 thoughts on “Tried and Tested: Can you make money with “be my eye”

  1. Sounds like an interesting one…
    To be fair… if the shops weren’t out of your way, what is the issue with taking a photo of a closed down shop and earning £4? Isn’t that a lot easier than having to go into an open shop and then having to answer questions about it? 🙂
    Re: the ID thing, do you know anyone with a scanner? Surely Mr FIRE’s work has one?
    Then you could get the money out.


    1. The problem with is was that I was going quite far out of my way to find them and when I couldn’t I would spend 10-20 mins making sure I had the right place which wasted so much time. We do have a scanner at home and the office has one. The problem I had with is is that they rejected a photo of my actual ID which is much higher quality that you would get from a scanner. That was the tipping point for me after 4 failed missions that seemed like a waste of time.

      Having said all that, I do plan on spending a whole day just trying to do the be my eye stuff as it is very easy money. I just need to figure out how to get the money out.


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