The FIRE Life

“Don’t let money run your life, let money help you run your life better.” – John Rampton, CEO of Due

A marathon, not a sprint. No matter who you ask, this is what anyone who is on the path to FIRE will tell you it’s all about. If you don’t think that saving £3.50 a day on Starbucks coffee will make a difference, then I’m afraid that Mr Money Moustache has a face punch for you. All these little (or big) sacrifices are hard and I won’t let anyone tell me different. The amount of money we bring in as a family won’t set the world on fire. Heck two people working jobs earning £14,000 a year each takes home more money than Little Miss Fire and I do by a long shot.

This isn’t a pity party though, these are the facts. Once you realise what you are working with it becomes much easier to find you way around a problem. One of the problems I have is the motivation to carry on going towards FIRE. The sacrifices do matter; they have a negative impact on
you. When you pass up an opportunity to go to a Gin and Rum Festival with friends because the £150 you’ll spend it much better put towards the mortgage it makes you think if it’s all worth it.

You are not alone
I’m sure I can’t be alone in this so I’ve decided to write this to myself as a little motivation. Below is what I’m dreaming about doing each and every day once the 9-5 has been left behind:
Wake up – 8:30: Take Littlest Little Miss Fire to school
8:30 – 12:00: Work on side hustles
12:00 – 13:00: Lunch and probably a quick Walk
13:00 – 15:00: Hobbies, exercise, lazing about, realise I’ve been walking for ages and need to head home quickly so I can get Littlest Little Miss Fire from school
15:30: – school pickup
15:40 – Bed time: It’s all about Littlest Little Miss Fire, playing, dinner, bed time routine etc.
Bed time – 22:00: Relax, read, watch tv
22:30 – Wake up: Sleep!
This is my motivation, one where my time is my own and I don’t go and spend 50 hours a week working for the man. I don’t even mind working as there is a big chunk of it in the morning! What motivates you to get to FIRE?

4 thoughts on “The FIRE Life

  1. That’s a nice little timetable – I have something similar in mind for when I no longer need to do the 9-5, although with no kids around, all the time will be mine. I will definitely need some sort of structure as I don’t want every day to feel like the weekend!


    1. Over Christmas I didn’t have any real structure to my day, sleep or waking up patters suffered as I went to bed, and got out of bed later and later which made me feel terrible. Structure is important to me and without having work to be that then I (and I would guess we all) would need to be motivated to do it ourselves!

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