February Income and Expenses report 2018

“I love money. I love everything about it. I bought some pretty good stuff. Got me a $300 pair of socks. Got a fur sink. An electric dog polisher. A gasoline powered turtleneck sweater. And, of course, I bought some dumb stuff, too” –Steve Martin

I must admit I am getting used to this a bit more now. The fear isn’t there anymore. I think it helps that I’m actively participating in our finances now and I am taking responsibility for it.

Income Feb 2018

Feb 18 1

Nothing different there. Notice the Matched Betting money isnt included? We have different plans for that which you will see below.

Feb 18 2

Yep not great and as you can see from our income, we have overspent again so will be using the money we borrowed.

So the plan for extra income is this:

Hustle money plan

Yes we have booked a holiday! the money we borrowed doesn’t have interest on it so we are making sure we have our proverbial backs covered and then going to pay it off. If we can keep to our spending budget then we should naturally have money left at the end of each month which will help to top up everything we want to do.

So how much did we make from Matched Betting? (Don’t forget we use a different month to the normal calendar month as we pay for our living expenses on the credit card)

Grand total is:

profit MB

My money seems very hard to keep track of at the moment with me trying to set up a new bank account for Matched Betting. I have lots of money coming in and going out so its going to take some work (and a spreadsheet) to actually find where  it all is!

How was your income and expenses for Feb? I’d love to know so leave a comment or tweet or email me! 


January 2018 Income and expenses report

Yuck, really? another one of these and on the first of the month too?

So remember my promise to keep an eye on all finances following last months report? yep well that didn’t happen! In fact things got worse. My daughter needed a new bed and myself and Mr Fire found ourselves talked into buying a bunk bed which wasn’t cheap! On top of that I had to buy a new car since I cant drive Mr Fire”s (too big a car for my tiny self) so we bought a used one and then got royally ripped off on my insurance! (ok so we weren’t ripped off as that’s how much it costs, but its still alot!)

I really do need a foot up the backside on the expenses side of it though, as doesnt matter how much income we (ok Mr Fire) brings in, if we are spending it all then we will never reach fire. We have actually been obsessing talking about whether we think we can reach Fire in 5 years or not. What was the result? keep moving forward and have regular reviews.

So enough stalling, here it is:

Jan 18

Jan 18 2

I’ve edited my income sources from blogs and changed it to affiliates and sponsorship. I’m aiming for the fashion blog to get at least one sponsor in the next 5 years.

As you can see, we are heading the wrong way financially! So we have had to “gulp” borrow money. Its not all doom and gloom as (insert positive phrase here as I don’t have one!)

Least I have things to keep me busy!



December 2017 Income and Expense Report

“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” –John Wayne

Is it strange I can never tell if I like doing this? This is only my second one of these but it makes me feel very odd and strangely vulnerable? Ah well I guess FIRE is all about stepping outside your comfort zone so here we go….deep breathe….

Positive from last month is that I actually made some money on EBAY! it was pretty painless although I definitely did make some mistakes (see here!) which meant I could have made more.

So here it is:

Dec 17


So as you may have read, I’ve moved house! This has come with a HUGE amount of expenses that we couldn’t predict! We did furnish our house with items from the British Heart Foundation so its a win win as we get some really good quality furniture for less whilst also supporting a worthwhile charity. On the other hand of course we spent more money than we have AGAIN!

As you can tell from the Income. Mr Fire and I live together now and he has agreed to let me publish his earnings. Things look alot better with his money coming in however FIRE is not possible with his earnings alone.

We have a HUGE plan for FIRE that is a massive task ahead of us. I’m hoping to share it soon on the blog once I understand the fine details (Have I mentioned Mr Fire is “practically” an a accountant? I’m the exact opposite of that)

After some fab advice from Weenie and TFS I now understand the my “side hustles” aren’t going to be an over night success thing. Matched Betting sounds like the easiest way to make money quickly whilst I bide my time developing and exploring other avenues.

Hows your I&E looking this month? I hope your savings targets are on track and FIRE is there in the distance. Looking for any helpful insights into how to get on track for FIRE! expenses are killing me!

November 2017 Income and Expense report

“Money often costs too much” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I actually felt a huge resistance to writing this post. The thought of having all the Financial Independence Guru’s or even people with a much better understanding of fiances, look over it and analyse how rubbish I am and why I shouldn’t have quit my job took hold of me. Then I remembered that my blog will quite possibly be lost in the massive world of the internet and that gave me comfort so I’ve decided to carry on anyway.

My income and expense report for last month wont be pretty but it will show my real income and expenditure so it will hopefully provide a bit of a road map on what to work on.

As you have probably guessed by now I’m not really an excel type of person so please don’t expect any fancy pants spreadsheets just yet….

Nov 17

So its all looking pretty bleak and that’s with a paying jobs income. I’m actually dreading seeing what this months looks like. I’m slowly getting into debt so the interest free credit card is taking a battering.

What does your journey to FIRE look like?