To blog or not to blog

“What would your life look like without today’s obstacles in front of you?”
― Jerry Gladstone

I actually nearly didn’t start this blog, if you can believe it. I’m a classic introvert and my mental health issues provides me with more than enough excuses to lock myself away from people and “protect myself”

I started this blog as an almost online diary and I still see it like that in some ways. Don’t gt me wrong, I’m not about to get all nostalgic on you since my blog has only been going since Dec 17! I have noticed now though that I also view it as a hobby and a social source. I have made a few friends/acquaintances in these short 3 months and I have been lucky enough to receive a handful of emails from people wanting to chat to me about all sorts of things.

When I started this blog I had a very rigid plan in mind and I’m really glad I didn’t stick to it! After one of my usual lunchtime chats with Mr Fire, I’ve decided to stop working on the Fashion Blog and put my time towards other things. I was spending an astonishing amount of time on it and only getting 60 views a day. It was a lot of effort and I was solely doing it to get money. I think that was the problem.

I love that this blog doesn’t make money and probably never will. Less pressure you see! Surer I’ll offer affiliate links if I’m bloggiing about something anyway but only if I really use it and find it profitable. I wont be listing a tonne of Amazon links to products I’ve never bought.I like to think that if when I make it to FIRE that people like me can visit this blog and follow along. Hopefully they wont copy my mistakes!

So here comes the part were I ask you all to chip in so I can upgrade my current free WordPress account.  JOKING! Sorry couldn’t resist! But seriously I am thinking of upgrading my current account and I’d love peoples advice/guidance. I think I have settled on the WordPress Premium account for now:

Option 1

I looked into Blue Host as I think Mr Money Mustache it, but I couldn’t justify that amount of money for a hobby.

Option 2


I also need a really simple site as I’m not really techy. The plan is to use my Matched Betting profits to pay for the first year on the Premium plan.

If you have a blog, which platform do you use?


How to Make Money: Making Money from Blogging

“A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore” –Yogi Berra

After scaring myself silly last week with my Income and Expense report, I’ve decided to write out some Financial Independence Goals based on my many Powerpoints of how I will reach FIRE. Strangely making money from my old blog seemed to demotivate me. I used to make money from my old blog without really trying, so why would I have such an aversion to it now?

I never really knew how I made the money I did from it and it certainly wasn’t my main focus especially with a full time job. I decided to do some digging and create my blueprint for making money from a blog from the various sources on the net.

Firstly its important to remember I haven’t touched my blog since 2010 and its a fashion blog. I don’t really have too much interest in fashion anymore so I might as well be starting from scratch! All my readers have long gone and I’m left with an empty shell of a site (sob!) Its also on Blogger which I have no clue how to use! (Will have to pop that on the to do list!)

The Plan

The Basics

Obvious as it sounds but you have to have a blog! So if your hoping to follow along with this once I’ve made my millions from my fashion blog (yeah right……) After that you have to start writing content. There’s a whole heap of advice on Google about making the content interesting and engaging but I’m not sure how that works when its fashion?

So my take on this is to begin. Content will improve as I gain more practice and hopefully become more enthusiastic about it.

Find Readers

After some more research I wildly sifted through the hundreds of fashion blogs out there and some of them I really enjoyed (surprisingly) Once I read through the comments I noticed just a hint of self promotion in each one and that seemed to be ok with the fashion blog community!

I am going to start commenting on fashion blogs that I enjoy and do a tad of self advertising and see where that gets me. I’m going to dedicate a whole heap of time to gaining readers so I’m sure I’ll end up creating a guide at some point!

Build Engagement

This one is tricky to me.How can you engage people with mere fashion? I know it seems like I’m really berating fashion bloggers (and I shouldn’t as some make thousands!) but I’m really not. This one will be a work in progress!

Make Money

Ah the fun one! If only we could all skip to the end! Bloggers on th whole make money through a variety of streams should as affiliate links, sponsored content, marketing campaigns.

The Plan

How awesomely scary is this picture that I found over at Pro Blogger!


Does anyone have any hints or tips for me? If you use Blogger then please help me!

How to Make Money: Blogging

“Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it” –Benjamin Franklin

Way back in 2010 when I deep within my Couture obsession stage and FIRE was something if you touched, you got burned, I started up a blog to share my passion. I was very young and when I started to make money from it by accident (people would ask me to write about their site and/or put an advert up, then pay me) so I didn’t really appreciate the money. I saw it simply as “excess” money and so it should be spent. You name it, I bought it:


I could go on but trust me, I REALLY don’t want to! Imagine if i would have invested all that money (sob!) Now i’m in a completely different situation then when I was then and i’m hoping to get the old blog fired up (pun intended) problem is, I took all that extra income for granted with no idea of how I got it or how to replicate it now. So i’m starting from scratch and hoping to build my fashion blog from the ground up. It still has the followers and gets the odd page view so I guess i’m not really starting from ground zero.

I’ll be researching the proverbial out of it the next coming weeks as the blogging world has changed alot!

If anyone has any helpful hints about making money from blogging, i’d love for you to share!