Can you really make money from online surveys?

“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort”. –Franklin D. Roosevelt

I’ve been obsessing this month over money. Mr Fire’s job is not so stable at the moment and we are panicking motivated to find a new source of income before the proverbial bottom falls out. I have always read alot about people’s success with online surveys. It was actually a non finance blog that first introduced me to it. So after a few weeks of testing I’m ready to share the fruits of my labour:

Online surveys

Lets be honest, alot of people go crazy about the amount of money they are making from online surveys. I have just spent the last three weeks researching them and trying it out and there is no way you are earning a living from online surveys alone!

What are online surveys?

They are what they say on the tin. Simply sign up to a online survey website and they pay you (usually in points) for every survey you complete. Sounds easy? well in theory it is. However, some site restrict the amount of surveys you can complete in a day or that you can access. They state this is due to how you update your profile on the site but I think its more of a traffic calming measure.

How much do you get paid?

Very little. Most sites disguise the small amounts they pay by using points instead of actual monetary value. Usual earning by survey is between 20p – £1. I have heard rumors of people getting up to £2.50 for some surveys but its not something I experienced.

What do you do?

Answer questions, play games, watch videos and a variety of other things they have on the site.

Can you make money from it?

Oh yes, most definitely! Whilst its not ground breaking amounts, its fairly easy to rack up a few pounds especially if your an online buyer. I don’t buy anything online anymore since semi FIRE began,  but that is where the money is. If your buying something anyway then it’s a nice little side hustle. Surveys can be easily completed whilst watching TV, sitting on public transport ect…

What site should I go with?

The two best online websites I tried are:

  • Maximiles
    You get 100 points just for signing up and then additional points for completing your profile. Surveys are thick and fast and they have a wide base of retailers if your an online shopper. I made 690 points in two hours which gets me diddly squat as the minimum is 1,090.
    If your interested in joining the drop me an email and I will refer you. You get 125 points extra for being referred and if you get 1500 points then I can 1500 too.
  • InstaGC
    Similar to Maximiles, you earn points by completing surveys and buying things. You also can earn it by playing games and watching videos. If you sign up using my referral link then I will get 10 points. Everylittle helps. Each point is worth $0.01 but they do soon add up.

Online surveys





How to make money: How to make money without the day job.

“Everyday is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each” Christopher Rice

I’m surprisingly coming towards the end of my first ever month of not having a “day job” and I’m not going to lie – it feels strange. I think earning money seems to provide purpose to life as if it justifies the existence of life itself. Too deep for a Tuesday? possibly, The rant of a hungover woman after too much Christmas cheer? most definitely not….ahem. Moving on swiftly then…

Myself and Mr Fire have become obsessed with one particular google search of late – how to make money online. He travels fifty miles a day to his job and back and its quite frankly taking its toll on him. I have a desperate desire to help but I feel almost hypercritical trying to solve a problem for him that I haven’t figured out for myself yet. So I’ve plucked out some of the most intriguing and more plausible results from many a search and I will be trying them out in a new section simply called : Tried and tested.


This section will move about more than me trying to keep warm without putting the heating on. I will cross things off as I test them out and add new things as and when I hear about them.

Its much shorter than I thought it would be. The internet is full of results talking about making money, but they all seem to be the same few things duplicated over and over again.

Got anything to add to the list? Please let me know either by commenting below or dropping me an email –  Would be fab to hear about your experiences with these things too.