Matched Betting Update 6th March – 12th March

Its a lot more complicated to log Mr Fire’s Matched Betting than it was my own so this may be a weekly feature that is doomed from the start especially as this post should have been up yesterday! Since Mr Fire is not using a spreadsheet he is filling in Oddsmonkey profit tracker and I’m hoping to extract the information from there and get him to explain it to me as I go along! Let’s see how his week was:

6th March Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£47.02 Sign up -£0.90 Ladbrokes Smarkets
Sign up free bet £47.92 Ladbrokes Smarkets

The week started with a not too shabby sign up offer from Ladbrokes!

7th March Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange

A late night at the office meant no profits today.

The extra place losses are due to Ladbrokes only pay out if there are 7 or more runners and a horse dropped out! This means the extra place is invalid otherwise it would have been a £20 profit!

8th March Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
-£10.03 Extra place -£2.80 Coral Smarkets/Betfair
Extra place -£2.36 Ladbrokes Smarkets/Smarkets
Extra place -£3.62 Coral Smarkets/Betfair
QL -£1.25 Coral Smarkets

A slight error with the Coral one, as they weren’t running the extra place offer on the horse race that Mr Fire had picked. Lesson learned and no real harm done.

9th March Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
-£0.73 QL -£0.73 Sky Bet Smarkets

Just a Qualifying bet for Sky.

10th March Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£7.44 Reload £5.54 Betfair Smarkets
Reload £1.95 Bet 365 Smarkets
Reload £1.95 Bet 365 Smarkets
Reload -£2.00 Paddy Power Smarkets

A reload offer overload for Mr Fire here!

11th March Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£15.04 Free Bet £8.72 188 Bet  Smarkets
Reload £6.32 Paddy Power Smarkets

A healthy free bet from 188 Bet.

This brings Mr Fire’s weekly total too:

Macthed Betting Total

He’s doing really well considering he works really long hours and sometimes our weekends are just too crazy to do anything other than have fun and survive!

Mr Fire has been sent a shed load of Cheltenham offers too which is a shame that he doesn’t have time to do.


Matched Betting Update 27th Feb – 5th March

Starting again with my Matched Betting since my “Arbing” discovery! So I’ve mostly been  emptying out and closing my existing accounts, starting with the ones I’m gubbed out. The welcome offers are a nice lump of cash too so I’m happy to do those each day for now and then add the bet clubs in too.

27th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange

I mainly startd transferring my money out of the bookies and went about getting the accounts closed down. I think its good to close them down were possible and then wait a few days before opening new ones.

28th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£15.61 Sign up -£0.16 Coral Smarkets
Sign up £15.11 Coral Smarkets
Free Spins £0.66 32Red N/A

A good day. I behaved myself and stayed away from random games and only bet on horse races so I preserve my account. No arbing as well!

1st March Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
-£1.24 QL Bet club -£1.24 Coral Smarkets

Hard to look at a negative number and I did have to resist the urge to use faux arbing to get into the plus. I’m taking it nice and slow for a while till I get the hang of it all.

2nd March Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£0.55 Sign up -£4.14 Bet 365 Smarkets
Free Bet £4.69 Coral Smarkets

I didn’t think I did too bad taking a £4.14 QL on the Bet 265 bet £100 get £100 sign up offer and then Mr Fire told me his QL was £1.30. I’m trying not to beat myself up about it as I am just still learning and I dont want to end up with “the one that got away” mentality!

3rd March Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£80.58 Free Bet £79.46 Bet 365 Smarkets
Mug Bet -£0.10 Coral Smarkets
Reload £1.22 32red smarkets

My free bet with Bet 365 really helped with profits! I also did a little mug bet with coral to protect my account

4th March Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
5th March Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange

I took the weekend off to go through all my accounts and profits. Something very strange happened to me on Saturday. All the new accounts I had opened all asked for proof of ID. Once I provided it to them they suspended my accounts! I think all my arbing mistakes have caught up with me.

So this week I made £95.50! Best Week Ever!

Due to my recent gubbing from practically everyone I’ve decided to give a Matched Betting a break for now. Mr Fire is quite literally on Fire with his Matched Betting and it seems to come very easy to him. He does all the sign up offers, reload offers and horse racing. His tally for just doing the weekend just gone was £300! I will still be posting Matched Betting updates but I’m sure they will be once a month as he keeps it mostly in his head so getting it into a spreadsheet will be his next step.

All in all, My total Matched Betting profit overall has been:

Matched Betting Total

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Matched Betting Update: 20th – 26th Feb 2018

A little later than planned but yesterday we got snowed in so I spent the day with the little one making snow people and generally having a day off!

Mr Fire and I are still going strong with our Matched Betting trial. He is totally sold on the idea of it being able to bring in some extra income although I’m not too convinced. Its seems really complicated and I seem to have an unwillingness to want to learn. I think I’m so afraid of making a mistake that I’m trying to protect myself but If I don’t try then I will never be able to reach FIRE as its all about trial and error right?

20th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange

Nothing for that day. Mr Fire was too ill to go to work and spent the day in bed. I checked Oddsmonkey every so often but there didn’t seem to be anything really happening.

21st Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£0.77 Oddsmatch £0.24 Betfair Smakets
Oddsmatch £0.44 Betfair Smarkets
Bet Club QL -£0.60 Coral Smarkets
Free Spins £0.31 William Hill N/A
Oddsmatch £0.38 William Hill Betfair

Not a big win for today. I am finding it very hard to make money whilst being gubbed but I’m going to get a new bank account set up and reread all about not getting gubbed to help preserve my accounts. I did do the Coral bet club and made just a small loss of 60p.

22nd Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£15.89 Oddsmatch £0.13 Betfair Smarkets
Oddsmatch £5.79 32red bet smarkets
Oddsmatch £8.71 William Hill Smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.69 Sporting Bet Smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.57 Sporting Bet Smarkets

A good day! No mistakes and I think I am getting into the swing of things now. Reading the comments from my last post, I do think I will phase out the arbing I do (I call it Oddsmatch if you haven’t noticed as I’m silly like that) and move more into bet clubs and offers.

23rd  Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£1.57 Oddsmatch £0.76 coral Smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.30 Sporting Bet Smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.51 sporting bet Smarkets

Just bits and  bobs for today!

24th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£1.64 Oddsmatch £0.03 Betfair Smarkets
Oddsmatch £1.52 coral Smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.09 Betfair Smarkets

Nothing major to report….

25th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£0.70 Oddsmatch £0.70 William hill Smarkets

Sunday was a big family day filled with country walks and multiple parks so no Matched Betting too place.

26th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange

No Matched Betting here as I spent alot of the day reading all about Matched Betting and Arbing. It seems like I haven’t been doing “true” Matched Betting at all but instead just Arbing which is only for the experienced and those with specialised software. That’s was an eye opener, but the positive from it is simple. For someone doing the wrong thing, my total last week was £20.50 which isn’t bad for someone doing something wrong.

My plan is to start again with my bookie accounts and stick to sign up offers and bet clubs from now on.

Mr Fires total? I’d guess about £40 again. He doesn’t keep records of it as he has it in his brain.

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Matched Betting Update: w/c 5th Feb

Mr Fire and I decided to really give Matched Betting a chance and so we got to work last week, He’s going to be doing it after work and at weekends when he was able and I will be dabbling  throughout the week. I thought it might be useful to log it each week so I can learn from my mistakes (of which there are many!) I wont be able to be as precise with Mr Fires bets as he doesn’t even log them on a spreadsheet yet.

Here is how my my last two weeks looked:

8th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange Notes
£11.87 Oddsmatch £8.21 Betfair Smarkets
Free spins 0.62 Betfair Casino N/A
Oddsmatch 3.04 Sporting Bet Smarkets

Not too shabby for my first day! No real problems and I only checked the oddsmonkey oddsmatcher a few times! Got some free sins on the casino too which was nice.

9th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange Notes
£1.99 Oddsmatch £1.99 Coral Smarkets

I was projected to make £6.99 from this bet but my bet was sent to a “bet handler” and then denied so I was sure I was gubbed 😦

Big break as half term happened so we had some random days out walking in the country, going to the farm ect…


14th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange Notes
£1.95 £4.38 Sporting Bet Betfair
Bet Club Qualify -2.43 Coral Smarkets Bet twice 😦

This is where the silly mistakes started! I assumed I was gubbed from coral and so when it accepted my first £25 bet for the bet club, i refused to believe it and bet it again so I doubled my QL 😦 live and learn I guess.

The mistakes began again unfortunately. I failed to check there was enough liability in my bet so I had to try and negate my losses by splitting the lay out over different odds. The to top that off the bet was voided after being reduced heavily!

Next mistake of the day was to lay at exchange before the bookies and there was a restrict on how much you could bet so I ended up making a loss on it. Mr Fire had to talk me through how to bet on the exchange to negate my losses. I was really fed up with Matched Betting at this point especially since even after all the tracking of my money in a spreadsheet I still seem to be short £153. I have no clue where its gone so I will probably take a day next weekend to let all my bets settle and see if I can track it down.

15th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange Notes
£4.64 Oddsmatch £3.58 Sporting Bet Smarkets
Oddsmatch 0.19 Sporting Bet Smarkets
Oddsmatch 0.87 Betfair Smarkets

Easier day today with no big mistakes!

16th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£2.44 Oddsmatch £1.95 Betfair Betfair
Oddsmatch £0.49 sporting bet Smarkets
Free Bet 0 Coral N/A

Had a lucky escape as I was about to put £100 down on Coral when I noticed my free bet was there. I decided to use that instead which was good as once I placed my bet on coral both exchanges emptied out the markets and I was unable to lay it. I lost my free bet and the £2.48 Qualifying but it could have been ALOT  worse. Also found out I’m gubbed at Sporting Bet now so I can only bet for winnings of £40……

17th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£16.65 Dutch 5 Coral Winner
Oddsmatch £2.01 William Hill Smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.88 Betfair smarkets
Oddsmatch £6.19 Betfair smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.51 Sporting Bet smarkets
Oddsmatch £2.06 Betfair smarkets

Day started off rocky and my exchange lay was only partially matched. Mr Fire convinced me to sit tight and luckily after a few hours it was matched! He had a slight hiccup but saved it with his weird extensive knowledge of math and excel!

18th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£2.62 Oddsmatch £0.60 betfair smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.37 Betfair Smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.60 Betfair Smarkets
Oddsmatch £1.05 William Hill smarkets

Another quiet day but no major problems so I’m happy.

I didn’t do any Matched Betting yesterday as I got myself all obsessed with knowing where my money is! I don’t have a dedicated bank account for MB so its hard to track and I’m a total control freak. I was also licking my wounds after being gubbed from several places!

Gub List
Betfair Sportsbook
Sky Bet
Paddy Power
Bet Victor
Sporting Bet
Stan James

I’m thinking of opening up a new bank account and setting up new MB accounts. Does anyone have any tips for not getting gubbed?

My total Profit from MB was £42.16 and Mr Fire’s was £40 which he got in one weekend!

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OddsMonkey Betfair Integration

Selling my soul to Acca’s

“It’s how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success”–David Feherty

I’m trying to get better at my post titles? is it working? someone on twitter mentioned to me that my post titles seem a little bland so expect some weird and wonderful experimental titles until I come to my senses and go back to using the same old boring ones like I do now.

So anyway, back to the Acca post I originally was talking about. Sooooo this Matched Betting thing sounds really good. You go onto the site and search for whats going to bring in some money. After some light research on my part and a whole lot of mental heavy lifting on Mr Fire’s part we decided to try a few Acca’s out. His “few” was one a day for three days, my “few” was three Acca’s a day for three weeks. With me so far?

I started off very organised: I found my Acca (on Oddsmonkey obviously! easier way to find an Acca so I didnt need to do any leg work) , saved and named my Acca and then dutifully added each match to my calendar. See? magically organised.


I laid my bets as needed and even recorded down on my calendar which ones where needed. Perfect right?

Take a look at the profits projected:

Acca Post

Not bad is it really for only a little work. Then the weekend happened, not just any weekend but Mr Fire’s birthday weekend. Guess what we did? kept up to date with our Acca’s. Depressing isnt it? but no, we carried on as the elusive £3 an Acca dream was real.

It all seemed worth it until this happened:

Acca 2Acca 3Acca1

Plus I ran out of money to lay the bets. Have I messed up my research? Do Acca’s actually contain this much of a risk? What did I do? I sat and watched the match.

By the way, if your thinking of joining Oddsmonkey please use my affiliate link, its free for you and costs you nothing but it brings in a little bit of extra income for me which I really need.

With my fingers crossed I checked to see if by magic my loses where minimized and my profit was high…

But no, there is a reason why people lose alot of money when they gamble and thats exactly what happened to me….


So the lesson in all? Don’t rush in feet first without running a taste Acca first. If I would have been able to lay my bets then I would have been fine.

Have you made any mistakes Matched Betting? Don’t think I will be trying Acca’s for a while.




How to make money: What is Matched Betting?

“Frugality includes all the other virtues”–Cicero

I’ve heard a lot about Matched Betting over the past year when I was struggling with my job. It sounded like a quick way to make money and finally a way of leaving my job without sacrificing any income. I obsessed over every google search that had articles where people claimed to make £4k a month which was much more than my low paid job was offering. I even dabbled a little with a few hundred pound. Why did I stop? I got greedy. I accidentally forgot to put a bet on with the bookie and just went for the exchange. The result? I won. I cancelled my subscription with my Matched Betting Guide websites and went off without actually realising I was betting for real this time. I ended up losing £600 that I had made so I guess I didn’t really lose anything except for my faith in Matched Betting.

Of course I’m in a different place now and the need to earn some money is real! So I’m back to basics with Matched Betting as my mind has wiped the whole experience away clean along with the stark truth that I don’t think I ever really new what I was doing back then. Thankfully I am in the capable hands of Oddsmonkey (I get a little income if you sign up using my affiliate link)

what i mb


What is it?

Consulting the oracle of Wiki:

A betting technique used to profit from free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers.

So in layman’s terms (or more accurately, you know me saying it) Matched Betting is way of making a profit off the offers that bookies offer customers to either sign up or return and keep betting with them.

How it works

So a normal bet is the best place to explain and a concept everyone is fairly familiar with. You place a bet on an outcome of an event that you know or are very sure will happen. , when you place the bet you are “backing” that team to win.  If you win, you take your winnings off the bookie. If you lose then the bookie keeps your hard earned cash. This is where Matched Betting is different.

Imagine if you could “back” your team to win but also “lay” your team to not win. Well with Matched Betting and the help of a betting exchange you can.

This is the really simple version, and I’ll be updating this as I learn more.

Whats an exchange?

So an exchange gives you the opportunity to bet on something not to win. In MB terms that’s called laying. You bet on one team to win at the bookie and then bet on the same team not to win at the exchange. In more complicated terms It gives you the opportunity to be the bookie.

Whats the cost?

Its fairly low as all you really need is a subscription to one of the MB guide websites as Oddsmonkey (Affiliate link) they work out the bet matches for you to place your bets on and who to lay with (bet not to win). The main two are Profit Accumulator and my personal favorite is Oddsmonkey. After that you just need a little pot of money to get started. Some people say the more you start with the quicker you make money but I cant back that up.

How much can you make?

Anywhere from £10 – £40 per day apparently. I’ve even read of some MBers who make £4k a month! Again I dont know for sure but I will definitely keep you posted with my progress.

What are odds?

If our totally new to betting (like me) then odds can be very confusing! Again a betting guide website makes odds really easy to understand as they basically tell you which bets are good to use for matched betting. The hardest part then just becomes finding the button on the bookies to change from fractions to decimals!

MB Summary

So thats part 1 of my guide so far. I still need to cover liability and a few other bits but I’m still figuring them out!

what i mb

So do you do Matched Betting? How profitable is it for you?  Any questions or comments drop me a comment/email or tweet (still figuring out twitter though!)